SmartMesh Partners with veriTAG and NULS for Stable Coins, Cross-Chain and Game Development Initiatives – Advancing Towards The building of Web3 Metaverse

SmartMesh is pleased to announce the partnership with verTAG, NULS on the following initiatives that advance towards the building of a truly borderless Web3 metaverse:

  1. Stable coin — SmartMesh will work with its partners to make Singapore and US dollar-packed stable coins available in the SmartMesh and MetaLife wallets. These wallets will be embedded with SmartMesh DEX VISwap, allowing users to swap their tokens with stable coins at ease. Additional information can be found here (
  2. Cross-chain will be established between SmartMesh and NULS main chains, allowing users from both ecosystems to access utilities and purchase assets beyond their existing reach using their existing tokens and wallets.
  3. Moo-in-Battle (MIB) game is a peer-verse-peer NFT game that combines entertainment with NFT economy. SmartMesh’s ecosystem partner MetaLife will join the partnership to develop and launch the game in its ecosystem, bringing entertainment and NFT investment opportunities to its users.

According to Henry Wang, CEO of SmartMesh, “SmartMesh has been actively sourcing for like-minded partners to join and extend the SmartMesh ecosystem. This partnership with VeriTAG and NULS will propel the utility of SMT beyond the SmartMesh ecosystem. Mostly this partnership realized the real Web3 Metaverse where the border has no place in it.”

Brian J. Esposito, Co-Founder of MetaLife agreed with Henry and added “we are extremely excited with this partnership; its initiatives on stable coins, MIB Game and cross-chain with NULS will quickly enrich the MetaLife offering and realize the blurring of digital and physical worlds in the metaverse, where users can earn in the digital world and spend in the physical world directly using SmartMesh and MetaLife wallet.”

Jason Lim, Founder of veriTAG added, “veriTAG is blessed to be able to build our NFT marketplace on NULS and now have the opportunity to expand it to SmartMesh. We look forward to building an NFT ecosystem and being one of the best in Asia with NULS and SmartMesh.”

Reaper Ran, Co-Founder of NULS added, ”NULS, established in 2017, is a blockchain infrastructure that aims to bring better changes to the industry with the fundamental blockchain support. We look forward to this collaboration and we are happy to give out our support to those who need it. Blockchain is supposed to reach more people, for years we have been striving to make blockchain and its products more accessible for everyone in the world. We believe this collaboration is a great opportunity that brings NULS, veriTAG, SmartMesh together to create and explore new blockchain scenarios”.

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