SmartMesh Developer Community

SmartMesh is an open and shared Mesh network infrastructure protocol based on tokenized blockchain incentive mechanisms. The SmartMesh ecosystem is an agile and scalable next generation communications network with a built-in digital economy that beckons third-parties to build upon it.

The SmartMesh developer community wants to attract people from around the world who are interested in working on Dapps, AI, blockchain, network hardware and software and much more. There is a vast array of possibilities for developments that range from fintech, productivity, games, entertainment, security, science, culture and so much more. WE NEED YOU to come and innovate WITH US as we deploy the future of networking technology and build the blockchain based Mesh eco-tech culture of the future together.

Project Introduction

Developer Rewards

Participate in a third-party ecosystem project
Level A

5000 SMT

Migrate Dapp to the Spectrum Chain
Level B

4000 SMT

Complete SmartMesh Development Course
Level C

3000 SMT

Discover a bug in our Github project Github
Level D

2000 SMT


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