SmartMesh Biweekly Report (2023.07.17-2023.08.06)

Congratulations on the launch of the MetaLife Beta version, remember this date July 21, 2023. These are the days when a true Web 3.0 decentralized social network will be realized for the first time. From then on, people have their own data autonomy and start the value realization model, which is the most important UBI universal basic income mechanism in human society. 20 years agoHenry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, coined the term Web3.0. Twenty years later, Web3.0 was realized for the first time. Since then, Web3.0, which represents a new production relationship, has opened the curtain.

To commemorate the launch of the first product that unifies the concepts of Web3.0 and Web3, Henry, the founder of SmartMesh, and Brian J Esposito, the co-founder of MetaLife, will be the host of “Where is the Coin Chain” hosted by Michael at 20:00 on July 30 [The first broadcast of the birth of Web3.0] in the live broadcast room

In 2003, Henry Wang coined the term Web3.0,

In 2006, the father of the World Wide Web used the term instead of the Semantic Web to describe the next generation of the Internet,

In 2022, the father of the World Wide Web named and criticized the Ethereum Foundation (actually Gavin Wood) for using the castrated version of Web3 to confuse Web3.0 and mislead the world. The castrated version of Web3 castrates the core data autonomy of Web3.0 (data/application separation)

In 2023,, the world’s first decentralized social network protocol that unifies the concepts of Web3.0 and Web3, will be launched. This is the moment when Web3.0 is truly born!

The specific work is as follows:

1. The MetaLife App Beta version is online.

2. Continue to optimize and deploy P-Pub Photon functions, complete Play to earn incentive docking and service joint debugging, and provide support for subsequent Photon incentive expansion.

The specific work is as follows:

Serverless distributed communication and preparations for MetaLife launch.

1. Carry out the online joint debugging test of the MetaLife APP, including: register, add friends, post, comment, like, private messages and other performance stability verification, and providing support for improving the APP user experience.

2. Repair the problem of Post to NFT conversion, adjust the UI entry and NFT Create process settings, and provide a reference for improving the MetaLife NFT interactive experience.

3. Carry out P-PUB function deployment and stimulus testing, perform server communication testing and stimulus trigger stability verification, and provide a reference for MetaLife Pub function expansion.

4. Review the content governance function of the new version of the APP, report bad information and test Block-related operating procedures, and provide means to support Metalife DAO governance.

5. The MetaLife beta version is officially launched and has received unanimous praise!

Participate in the development of the SmartMesh ecological project MetaLife Dapp, the specific work is as follows

1. Modify the jump failure problem of mint nft/send when posting;

2. Modify the problem that some secondary pages in ios do not have a return button;

3. Switch the pub address and modify the play to earn interface problem;

4. Modify the message chat page layout and add an avatar display;

5. Build pub-hk, and regional Unicom test;

6. Observe the working conditions of a pub (bj / hk), and optimize pm2 settings;

7. pub adds block / unblock web interface;

8. Investigate, controllable, and recommend feasible solutions;

9. Optimize the blob submission process.

SmartMesh ecological market business financing activities are carried out in an orderly manner, as follows:

1. To commemorate the launch of the first product that unifies the concepts of Web3.0 and Web3, Henry, the founder of SmartMesh, and Brian J Esposito, the co-founder of MetaLife, will be guests at “BiChain” hosted by Michael at 20:00 on July 30 He Zai” live broadcast [The first broadcast of the birth of Web3.0] Henry, the founder of SmartMesh, said that I met Brian for the first time. We talked about the rock music I created and the mobile phone network at rock music festivals. A decentralized social network is needed. Today, our dream came true, MetaLife, the world’s first true Web3.0 application, went online for public beta! MetaLife is not only a decentralized social network application, but also a base protocol for many Web3.0 applications that return user data autonomy to users and realize the value of their data for everyone. Henry said that every user in MetaLife can get UBI universal basic income every day, yes, money is sent every day!

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This is Personal data autonomy is accompanied by personal decentralized digital identity DID and reputation value SBT covering data value. Web3 applications including AI’s demand for data will come from the authorization of individuals or enterprises, and its exchange Value comes from pricing in decentralized data marketplaces. While SOLID and MetaLife give back the autonomy of data to users, they also give users the mechanism of pricing authorization and use the blockchain and token system to help users realize cash. Users who regain their data autonomy for the first time will pay more attention to the quality of their own data (including creation), which will accompany everyone for a lifetime. Everyone’s lifespan is limited, but after a hundred years, everyone’s data can be combined with their loyal personal AI assistant and Avatar to form the continuation of their own life. There was a SecondLife in the early days, and the realization of its upgrade in the future Metaverse era is

The MetaLife App has been designed and developed for three years, and the Beta version was launched on July 21 for the community to test, and the test feedback was good. After the problems in the test are solved one by one, it will be officially launched on major app stores. This is the first truly complete Web3.0 protocol and application, which is a historical moment of Web3.0. SmartMesh consultant Willson said that this is a great project at the Nobel Prize level, once combined with recommendation incentives, it will trigger global virus spread. The team will use this to encourage themselves to do a good job in product and marketing promotion.

2. Ms. Una Wang, co-founder and CEO of SmartMesh ecological artificial intelligence project LingoAI, held a CEO sharing session on “LingoAI integrates AI and Web3”!


1. AI-generated content (AIGC) brings new possibilities in the field of content creation but may be inferior to humans in capturing nuances such as multilingualism, context, and intonation.

2. LingoAI combines artificial intelligence with human expertise, utilizes distributed communities and blockchain technology, aims to provide cross-lingual content generation support for enterprises, organizations, and individuals, bridges the gap of multilingual, multicultural, and multi-field expertise, and is A platform for seamless collaboration and efficient production of multilingual digital content for thousands of languages.

LingoAI integrates the use of large language models, knowledge graphs, and semantic web, as well as the SOLID project of Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, and the project of the SmartMesh ecological decentralized social network, helping enterprises under the premise of protecting data autonomy and privacy Break data silos with individuals, liberate effective data, form a decentralized data market, deeply empower artificial intelligence, improve productivity, and bring new growth points to the global economy.

3. At 4:30 pm on August 5th, Singapore time, the founder of SmartMesh and Dr. James, the dean of the International Institute of Artificial Intelligence AI, had a conversation with the world’s largest open-source AI large language model community Hugging Face technology expert. The view expressed by an internal Google researcher in a recently leaked document is that in this fierce AI competition, although Google and OpenAI are chasing each other, the real winner may not be one of the two, because there is a first The power of the three is rising is Hugging Face. Before the meeting, I received questions from LingoAI, Tencent, Toutiao, Transsion, MetaLife, Chainstack, rec AI, etc. at home and abroad to communicate with Hugging Face. The talks here and there let the industry understand the cutting-edge technology of large models and help democratize the global popularization of artificial intelligence!

LingoAI’s deep learning engineer Paras, computational linguistics researcher Alireza, and symbolic multilingual model founder Michael Molin all raised questions and communicated with Hugging Face engineers.

So far, the SmartMesh ecological basic project has been deployed in Spectrum public chain Spectrum + Layer 2 network Photon Network offline payment; MeshBox decentralized physical facility network DePIN track; decentralized social network DeSoc track; LingoAI artificial intelligence big Language Model LLM Track. The SmartMesh Foundation believes that artificial intelligence, decentralized social networks, and DePIN are the troika leading the wave of the next-generation Internet.

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