SmartMesh’s RSS FEED INTEGRATED WITH CRYPTO.COM PRICE PAGE has integrated SmartMesh news and announcements to SMT Price Page. Through the SMT price page users can access SMT’s RSS feed directly to obtain the latest news and updates related to SmartMesh’s products and services in addition to access to the latest SMT price, trading volume, live charts and market capitalization data. 

SmartMesh, a leading blockchain based protocol built for web3.0 and the foundation for metaverse, is working with its ecosystem partners MetaLife Social and MeshBox to create the world first decentralized social-fi mobile application; in it users can build and experience their “2nd life” whether it is for socializing or building their own economy supported by full suite of utilities in the protocol.  SmartMesh’s ability to transact data and value online and offline brings decentralized social-fi to all mankind and devices with or without connection to the internet, a cornerstone to building a metaverse with true freedom and ownership.

About SmartMesh® Foundation

SmartMesh Foundation Pte. Ltd. (Token Symbol: SMT), a Singapore-based firm established in 2017, aims to build the global Value Internet and Web3.0 ecosystem with decentralized mesh network and blockchain technology, realizing its vision of “Connect the Unconnected, Bank the Unbanked”. HyperMesh, a low latency, highly energy-efficient and integrated infrastructure, enables value to be transacted across all participants (peers and machines) with or without internet – a perfect foundation for the metaverse.  HyperMesh is powered by Spectrum blockchain, Photon layer 2 and Atmosphere cross-chain architectures.  With this open and inclusive platform, HyperMesh ecosystem partners are building disruptive and innovative applications for inclusive connectivity, financial services, education, energy and IoT solutions. For more information, please visit


Founded in 2016, has grown into a full-fledged and well-known international cryptocurrency hub in just a few short years. Its crypto ecosystem consists of the App, Exchange, DeFi Wallet, DeFi Swap, Visa Cards, Crypto Earn, Crypto Credit, Price Page, NFT marketplace, Ethereum Gas Fees Tracker, and many other services. works with regulatory institutions all over the globe, and aims to bring you the most convenient way to buy, sell, trade, and spend cryptocurrencies. The App allows users to buy over 100 top cryptocurrencies at true cost, to earn high interest on their crypto, to manage their Visa Card, and to easily make crypto payments, along with many other rewarding features. The company’s DeFi Wallet is non-custodial, so users can have full control of their private keys. is a highly secure and regulated crypto platform with numerous security certifications and assessments awarded by top security auditors. has obtained the following certificates:


  •       ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27701:2019, PCI:DSS 3.2.1, Level 1 compliance and CCSS.
  •       ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Certification for privacy risk management by SGS.
  •       ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification for information security management by Bureau Veritas.
  •       Level 1 (highest degree) PDC:DSS standard for complying with strict requirements in the payment card industry.
  •       CCSS (Cryptocurrency Security Standard) — a series of strict security requirements for storing, accepting, and transacting cryptocurrencies.
  •       Adaptive (Tier 4) rating — National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Privacy Framework
  •     Adaptive (Tier 4) rating — National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework
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