SmartMesh Foundation received strategic investment from Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen and made investment announcement in ecosystem projects

Singapore-based SmartMesh Foundation has received a strategic investment from Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen. For the investment received, SmartMesh Foundation will transfer SMTs from its wallet address to Professor Lee’s wallet address and the SMTs will be locked for one year. Professor Lee is Vice President of the Economic Society of Singapore and a Professor of Finance Programme and Blockchain at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. He is also a shareholder and director of the SmartMesh Foundation and MeshBox Foundation. As a global leader in inclusive financial technology, Professor Lee is very optimistic about SmartMesh for its ability to bring inclusive communications and finance to the world and a long-haul token holder.

The Foundation has also announced a strategic investment into a SmartMesh/MeshBox ecosystem project located in the United States. The partner will produce 3rd party smart hardware devices that could support SmartMesh Spectrum and Photon nodes as well as MeshBox protocol. The investment will be part in ETH and part in SMT. The SMT part will be transferred from the Foundation wallet address to the partner’s wallet address and will be locked for one year. SmartMesh Foundation will continue to make timely transparent and appropriate disclosures as we progress further with the project and partnership agreement.

About SmartMesh® Foundation

SmartMesh Foundation Pte. Ltd. (Token Symbol: SMT), a Singapore-based firm established in 2017, aims to build the global Value Internet and Web3.0 ecosystem with decentralized mesh network and blockchain technology, realizing its vision of “Connect the Unconnected, Bank the Unbanked”. HyperMesh, a low latency, highly energy-efficient and integrated infrastructure, enables value to be transacted across all participants (peers and machines) with or without internet — a perfect foundation for the metaverse. HyperMesh is powered by Spectrum blockchain, Photon layer 2 and Atmosphere cross-chain architectures. With this open and inclusive platform, HyperMesh ecosystem partners are building disruptive and innovative applications for inclusive connectivity, financial services, education, energy and IoT solutions. For more information, please visit

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