SmartMesh Biweekly Report (2021.10.23–2021.11.05)

Recently, SmartMesh and its metaverse ecosystem partner, MetaLife, have made progress in several aspects. In addition to the Metaverse Workshop jointly organized with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) in early December, MetaLife has submitted a proposal for a public mesh network to a Singapore Town Council, to provide a community network and bring community services for the underserved.

The following are recent work:

  1. Assisted MetaLife U.S. development team in creating a MetaLife DApp
  2. Created MetaLife DApp React Native framework; built tab page and navigation framework
  3. Designed decentralized protocol framework, analyzed offline communication modules
  4. Researched metaverse governance model, audit mechanism and related contract implementation; Researched technical integration of a Ricardian contract.

  1. With respect to MetaLife social network incentive program, constructed the functional interface and data structure for Photon channel network for the application of the Photon super node and MetaLife Pub, based on the preliminary design of the Photon super node scheme.
  2. For improvement of Photon incentive plan, discussed methods for Photon incentive distribution, including: node operating location, channel construction method, incentive display format, incentive distribution quota, etc.

Preparation for distributed messaging.

  1. Discussed project roadmap with MetaLife team; analyzed and discussed development timeline for node function configuration and technical implementation of the platform according to the App functional requirements and application scenarios.

1.2 Performed functional debugging on the mobile application of the decentralized social networking project; completed installation of Epedemic Broadcast Trees (EBT) plug-in, and performed interactive verification of text, image and audio data between mobile and Pub endpoints.

1.3 Paid attention to the progress of related NFT cross-chain projects, analyzed the feasibility of NFT creation, cross-chain interaction, transfer status query, NFT transaction, etc.

1.4 Discussed consensus mechanism of decentralized social content, analyzed review party, control mechanism, and respective Pub operation around the principles of freedom and governance.

1.5 Conducted a preliminary discussion on social DID architecture and solutions, and drafted the basic structure for classifying and tagging social DID according to the needs of a social networking application.

  1. Assisted in work on ecosystem project MetaLife.
  2. Participated in several meetings and discussions with the MetaLife team to jointly design the DAO function.

SmartMesh’s business activities are carried out in an orderly manner, as follows:

Recently, SmartMesh and its metaverse ecosystem partner, MetaLife, have made progress in several aspects. These projects leverage the DAO and NFT features in MetaLife decentralized social network platform to realize the development of the Metaverse.

  1. In early December 2021, SmartMesh, MeshBox and the University of Singapore Social Sciences (SUSS) will jointly organize the Metaverse Workshop. The details of the event are being discussed and determined by all parties.
  2. Worked with MetaLife to submit a proposal to provide a community mesh network to the Singapore Town Council. The proposal will not only bring a SmartMesh communication network and internet, but also provide decentralized smart community services to the underserved area and population in Singapore.
  3. The team is in discussions with its South American partner on an automotive registration system using NFT technology to address challenges faced by both a federal registration authority and lending industry. The solution will expand to services such as loan DeFi in the future.
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