SmartMesh® and MeshBox® Specify a Scalable IoT Architecture for Value Internet

SmartMesh and MeshBox partner to address the scalability challenge of efficiently enabling trillions of IoT devices to participate in the emerging Value Internet — People and IoT devices must be enabled to transact through information and value (token) exchange.

The SmartMesh blockchain, and Layer 2 Photon payment-network are optimized for IoT applications, being light enough to run at the edge.  From the hardware standpoint, the proposed HyperMesh architecture addresses the scalability challenge ofapplications running at Datacenters being too far from IoT devices. Mesh networks for both WiFi and IoT wireless protocols are supported by MeshBoxes, which act as edge compute and storage nodes for IoT devices, reducing inefficient communication with far-away data-centers.

There is the fundamental issue with the existing client-server model.  The current centralized network architecture, in which IoT applications are concentrated at data-centers,far from IoT devices, will unnecessarily load the communication network.  Here, device-to-device (D2D) communications must nevertheless jump through many hops to communicate with cloud data-center running the IoT application, creating unnecessary traffic loading on the network and unnecessary latency.

5G standards and Narrow-Band-IoT (NB-IoT) attempt to mitigate this issue with Cloud RAN. However, Telecom carriers face challenges in billing for D2D services because such communications may not run through equipment, making monetization difficult and stalling deployment.  Also, for underserved and sparse areas, the bleeding-edge throughput and latency performance of 5G and small-cells is overkill, sometimes being too heavy and costly to deploy for sparse and underserved areas.

Solution:  Decentralization

The HyperMesh™ architecture is proposed as a decentralized, synergized blend of networking, computing, data storage/access, blockchain, and cyber-physical IoT infrastructures.  HyperMesh™ is built from the ground-up, in a decentralized, fault-tolerant manner, incentivized by blockchain cryptocurrencies, powered by renewable transactive energy and connected to the existing telco backhaul and/or world-wide satellite constellations with local peer-to-peer (p2p) mesh communication via MeshBoxes on the ground.

The need to support higher efficiency and lower latency for IoT applications drives the migration from cloud-based client-server models towards Edge-Networking, Edge-Storage, and Edge-Compute functions.

Conventional blockchains are usually implemented within datacenters, due to the heavy Proof-of-Work and large number of trivial transactions stored on traditional ledgers.  Spectrum Blockchain and Photon payment network, on the other hand, are uniquely well suited for the edge and IoT, due to being lightweight, running on low-cost computers, and for offloading trivial transactions from Spectrum to Photon.

Photon is a high throughput, low-latency layer-2 architecture, on top of the Spectrum blockchain, enabling quick P2P transfers, with highly scalable Transactions-per-second (TPS) performance, mitigating the classical TPS issue with blockchain transactions.  The Photon Network also supports off-chain and offline transfers, i.e., without internet access. HyperMesh™ enables a new decentralized economy where machines bid against other machines for shared resources autonomously (e.g., an electric vehicle could purchase electricity from a neighbor’s solar panel).  Data ingress and analytics for IoT devices can all done within the MeshBox® mesh network without needing to communicate via the Internet.


For more details on HyperMesh™ Scalability, please refer to Blockchain & IoT Whitepaper for Value Internet here.


About SmartMesh® Foundation

SmartMesh Foundation Pte. Ltd. (Token Symbol: SMT), a Singapore-based firm established in 2017, aims to build the global Value Internet and Web3.0 ecosystem with decentralized mesh network and blockchain technology, realizing its vision of “Connect the Unconnected, Bank the Unbanked”. HyperMesh, a low latency, highly energy-efficient and integrated infrastructure, enables value to be transacted across all participants (peers and machines) – a process we refer to as Token Switching, with or without internet. HyperMesh is powered by Spectrum blockchain, Photon layer 2 and Atmosphere cross-chain architectures.  Creating an open and inclusive platform, HyperMesh ecosystem partners are building disruptive and innovative applications for inclusive connectivity, financial services, education, energy and IoT solutions. For more information, please visit

About MeshBox® Foundation

MeshBox Foundation Pte. Ltd. (Token Symbol:MESH) a Singapore-based firm established in 2018, partners closely with SmartMesh Foundation by providing the communication, storage, compute, and IoT HyperMesh hardware infrastructure, on which SmartMesh and other ecosystem partner applications execute.  Together, MeshBox and SmartMesh create a paradigm shift to enable Infrastructure deployment with a sharing economy.  Community residents decide when and where to deploy such infrastructure and share the wealth generated from providing goods and services within the community.  For more information, please visit

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SmartMesh® Foundation

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