SmartMesh BiWeekly Report (2020.01.18-2020.01.31)

At the time of the Chinese New Year and the severe epidemic challenge, SmartMesh’s team in China are isolated in their homes, but still working with SmartMesh’s US and Singapore teams to support the submission of solutions for the Singapore Blockchain Interoperability challenge partners. Today is the deadline for submission of proposals, and preparations are in full swing. Through this IMDA challenge, a cross-chain interoperability ecosystem based on the Living Lab is taking shape. Many well-known global projects in Singapore, China, Germany, and the Philippines are actively participating in it, submitting a blockchain challenge to IMDA Proposal on this day.

Today, Mr. Henry Wang, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, was also invited by Mr. Chia Hock Lai, President of the Singapore Fintech Association and Chairman of the Singapore Blockchain Association, to participate and speak in the “Singapore Blockchain Week” event in Singapore. The event was sponsored by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore. It will be the largest blockchain event supported by the Singapore government.

Instead of suppressing the spread of the epidemic and isolating the new corona virus, our world is beginning to join forces to spread valuable blockchain projects. Today, Blockchain Zoo, a blockchain geek community, released an interview video with Mr. Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, entitled “Internet of Things and Blockchain.” We can see that everyone who loves blockchain is making a voice to support China’s victory over the epidemic.

  1. Spectrum public chain:

1.1 Complete the traversal function of the Merkel tree and perform a functional test.

1.2 Simple integration of the account model with tendermint.

  1. Translate the Chinese version of the white paper.

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Photon demo and process discussion. Based on the Living Lab demo, the current process is discussed for ease of use, which provides a reference for further improving user payment experience.

1.2 Initial analyze the offline offline withdrawal process of nodes, confirm the node discovery and signature push methods in the process of entrusting PMS to withdraw money, and improve the end-user money withdrawal user experience.

1.3 Initially analyzation of the abnormal scenario of offline commissioned cash withdrawal of the node, analyze the possibility of malicious node in the scenario of failed cash withdrawal, and improve the security of the end user commissioned cash withdrawal.

  1. Atmospheric interoperability and preparation for Living Lab.

1.1 Discuss the situation of atmospheric cross-chain demonstration, analyze the transaction problems caused by the Ethereum fork and environmental factors during the demonstration preparation, provide a reference for the subsequent cross-chain preparation and improvement.

1.2 Complete the preparation of application materials for the Singapore interoperability Challenge Payment theme, improve application scenarios and corresponding technical solutions according to the requirements of the challenge, and provide support for the smooth submission of the project.

1.3 Completion of the docking of multiple Living Lab’s planned technical solutions, and feasibility assessments for different application scenarios and technical characteristics, providing a reference basis for the expansion of the Living Lab platform.

1.4 Cooperate and communicate with multiple Living Labs to participate in projects, conduct platform testing and interoperability discussions on related projects, and provide grounding ideas for Living Lab interoperability challenges.

  1. Preparation of Living Lab related products.
  2. The blockchain project based on IMDA cross-chain interoperable ecological cooperation discusses the needs and research of relevant products.

  1. The Singapore Sunshine Blockchain Living Lab, which was unveiled in Singapore on January 15, may be recorded in the history of humankind. Although the unveiling ceremony is only a starting point, after the unremitting efforts of the business team, SmartMesh and many global partners started the journey of cross-chain interoperability IMDA blockchain challenge based on Living Lab, aiming to build a global open Distributed system, which is the next-generation value inter-chain network. The following is a brief summary of the current progress:

  1. The SmartMesh team submits to IMDA the interoperability plan with the Singapore government project UBIN, and performs cross-chain interoperation with UBIN with application services such as network and commercial consumption.


  1. The SmartMesh team and Least Authority submitted a distributed storage cross-chain interoperability solution. Least Authority has done smart contract auditing for Ethereum 2.0.


  1. The SmartMesh team and GTI submitted the IoT cross-chain interoperability solution to IMDA.


  1. SmartMesh teamed up with TAI Cloud to submit a privacy protection and authorization cross-chain interoperability solution to IMDA.


  1. The SmartMesh team and Alita submitted the distributed computing cross-chain interoperability solution to IMDA.


  1. The SmartMesh team and Netta submitted a distributed search cross-chain interoperability solution to IMDA.


  1. SmartMesh team and social bank Epera submitted inclusive finance cross-chain interoperability plan.


  1. The SmartMesh team and the digital currency payment team Pundix submitted a cross-chain payment interoperability solution.


  1. The SmartMesh team and Nanyang Technological University submitted a cross-chain interoperable solution for tradable energy.


  1. The SmartMesh team and Jedtrade submitted a cross-chain interoperability solution for supply chain finance.


  1. The SmartMesh team and YottaChain submitted a distributed storage cross-chain interoperability solution to IMDA.

Many other projects have missed the opportunity to participate because their Singapore company has not been successfully registered or their plans have not been submitted before noon today, but cooperation will continue, such as Sentinel’s Inclusive Finance, Xfer’s stablecoin project, etc.


  1. As opposed to suppressing the spread of the epidemic and isolating the corona virus, our world is beginning to join forces to spread valuable blockchain projects. Today, Blockchain Zoo, a blockchain geek community, released a video interview with SmartMesh founder, Mr. Henry Wang. The official media of Blockchain Zoo wrote: In this episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we interview Henry Wang, the Founder and CEO of SmartMesh. We discussed topics such as the decentralization of the internet, the space race between tech giants, MeshBox and HyperMesh technologies and how they work, and more. Willson Lee, founder of the World Blockchain Foundation, reposted the video and said, ” Spend your time and effort learning about new technologies that is going to change the world and find ways to work with or along it. Stop wasting time on IRRELEVANT beliefs that make one stupid.”

Netizen Fiona commented: “Wow! This is a great interview! Thanks to BlockChainZoo for the efforts in making this video! It is great blockchain application knowledge for the masses as well.”

The Philippines Facebook blockchain community reshared this video!


The SmartMesh team and community are grateful to the Blockchain Zoo community for this Lunar New Year’s gift! The journey of thousands of miles begins with one step, and as the year of the Rat zodiac begins a brand-new cycle. We wish the SmartMesh community and all partners a happy Lunar New Year and a Happy year of the Rat!


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