Blockchain Living Lab at SUSS — Powered by SmartMesh and MeshBox

SmartMesh Atmosphere Cross-Chain Interoperability Architecture

There are numerous blockchains in the world. If each blockchain is like a river, providing essential resources to the people and land around it, then to achieve interoperability between blockchains would mean re-routing all the rivers on earth to be connected to each other. This is clearly impossible… 

Or is it?  Is there a way in which all rivers can be connected? 

Yes! All rivers are linked through the water cycle, in which water from rivers evaporates into the Atmosphere, forms clouds, which rainwater on the ground, which flows down into rivers.

Thus, the Atmosphere is the medium in the sky that links all bodies of water, such as rivers, all over the Earth, and facilitates the grand water cycle on earth.

This is why we named the SmartMesh Cross-Chain Interoperability architecture, “Atmosphere”.  


Atmosphere is built upon the SmartMesh Spectrum Public Blockchain which has been engineered for energy-efficiency and emerging IoT applications. Spectrum’s TPS scalability strategy is a secondary architecture called Photon Network, which is designed for low-latency, fast peer-to-peer and machine-to-machine payments needed for transactive IoT.

Spectrum uses the Smartmesh Token (SMT) as the underlying coin.  Spectrum also supports transfers of the MESH (owned by MeshBox Foundation). Interoperability with other blockchains ecosystems, and associated tokens, are made possible through Atmosphere.  

Atmosphere’s cross-chain technology supports the dynamic transfer of tokens in the Spectrum public chain ecosystem with other blockchains. Cross-chain transactions are a set of clearing mechanisms to support accurate accounting.

In order to scale the TPS, an important performance metric, Wormhole Universal Channels within the Atmosphere architecture provide an extension of Photon Channels, enabling the transfer of between various types of tokens, such as SMT, MESH, ERC-20, BTC, and LTC tokens.

IMDA Blockchain Challenge’s Open Theme Grant Call based on Blockchain Living Lab at SUSS – Powered by SmartMesh and MeshBox

On November 12, 2019, IMDA launched a Blockchain Interoperability Challenge, in which winning proposals can earn between S$ 50k to 100k for awarded proposals.  

One of the challenge areas is the Blockchain Living Lab – Initiated by Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS), SmartMesh and Meshox.   

For more information, see:

Opening Ceremony Event Blockchain Living Lab, by SUSS, SmartMesh, and MeshBox

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), SmartMesh, and MeshBox invites you to attend the exciting Opening-Ceremony of the Blockchain Living Lab, to be held on January 15, 2020 at SUSS.

This Living Lab is one of the challenge areas in IMDA’s Blockchain Challenge, in which winning proposals can receive a grant to interoperate with the SmartMesh Spectrum blockchain and MeshBox hardware.  The Opening-Ceremony will introduce SmartMesh and MeshBox technologies, and highlight the Living Lab setup at SUSS, which is being co-created between SmartMesh HyperMesh ecosystem partners.

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