SmartMesh Weekly Report (2019.12.30-2020.01.03)

It is 2020, SmartMesh welcomes its first income account on the first working day of the new year. The bank notified that cross-border remittances from Poland had been received. This is the first SmartMesh 2020 export project involving cross-border technical service business. It provides an important reference for future SmartMesh multinational business cooperation.

Entering the new decade, in preparation for the Singapore government blockchain interoperability competition, SmartMesh continues to promote distributed computing and storage cooperation. The founder of the distributed computing Alita project visited the company and exchanged technical details with the team and demonstrated big data MapReduce distributed computing on MeshBox. The SmartMesh team continues to research and promote the design and development of Tango APP’s personal distributed storage interface. The team also conducted in-depth cooperation and exchange with a blockchain inclusive financial project, analyzing potential future applications of distributed payment applications and cross-regional financial lending.

Here is the specific work for this week:

  1. Spectrum public chain:

1.1 Eliminate the bug that causes inability for application and consensus layer to communicate due to incompatible tendermint versions.

1.2 Investigate the conditional constraint management model implemented by cosmos and continue the persistent design of the application layer.

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Completed the development and testing of the affiliated query interface of the Photon paid online third-party service, implemented the active uploading of transaction data, and prepared for subsequent photon payment docking with third-party services.

1.2 Continue to analyze the optimization of third-party service functions, demonstrate the feasibility of the transfer node to entrust deposits and withdrawals in specific scenarios, and further expand the third-party service functions.

1.3 Carry out a comparative analysis of Photon and a light client application of a two-tier network project, compare the test channel creation, deposit, settlement and other functions and the implementation of the off-chain payment process, and provide a reference for further improving the Photon user experience.

  1. Atmospheric interoperability and preparation for Living Lab.

1.1 Continue to build and test the multi-storage node group contiguous environment of the Tahoe project, complete single-introducer multi-storage node connection and distributed storage application upload, download, switchover import, and replacement backup verification to prepare for subsequent cooperation and docking.

1.2 Do internal evaluation and docking of the Tahoe distributed storage mobile client, including: desktop client function verification, description of related API function parameters, file renaming, etc., to provide a reference for project interoperability verification.

1.3 Continue to conduct distributed communication application testing, verify the basic functions of cross-platform client p2P and Local Network distributed communication, and prepare for the construction of LivingLab infrastructure.

1.4 Preliminary interoperability communication with a financial inclusive application project, discussing the feasibility of constructing a distributed application payment revenue and cross-regional financial lending integration scenario through interoperability, and providing a landing idea for the LivingLab interoperability challenge.

1. Jointly research and implement some functions of the Tahoe project with the MeshBox team.

  1. On the first working day of 2020, the international remittance of Polish IT company Leonardo Group has been received. As the first blockchain technology service export project in 2020, the cooperation provides SmartMesh with its multinational business in terms of foreign trade declaration processes important reference. Leonardo works closely with Polish operators. After development and integration, Leonardo and Polish operators will promote the deployment of MeshBox and SmartMesh networks. Leonardo is also a technical supporter of inclusive finance projects in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia, so this cooperation has a profound international impact.
  2. SmartMesh analyzed the Singapore Blockchain Interoperability Contest and Ecological Co-construction with a blockchain team dedicated to Africa’s Rwanda Inclusive Financial Project. Rwanda is the first stop of Oneweb in Africa. The project has good relations with the Rwandan government and has the support of the United Nations. The two parties will collaborate on financial and connectivity inclusion for cross-regional financial lending and other businesses to prepare for further enrichment of SmartMesh’s global ecosystem.
  3. This week, the SmartMesh APP team developed a simplified version of the mobile client for the well-known distributed storage project Tahoe. The team analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Tahoe and IPFS. IPFS-based Filecoin has been postponed several times and should be released around April, but Filecoin is not suitable for IoT storage. SmartMesh is positioning its collaboration with Tahoe on the Internet of Everything. The distributed data market is the most important asset of the digital world.
  4. Mr. Luo, the founder of distributed computing project Alita hatched by Huobi Lab, visited the company and demonstrated the distributed computing process of big data Mapreduce running on MeshBox nodes. Mr. Luo will attend the opening ceremony of the Living Lab in Singapore. At the same time, the products and technologies of the two sides have made further communication on the preparations for the opening ceremony of the Living Lab.

5. Patrick, the founder of the chip design company, came to visit. Patrick has worked for Qualcomm and Broadcom for many years and has rich experience in RF chip design. Patrick and President Wang communicated the cooperation mode of the Space Ground Integration Industrial Cluster. Both parties will work together to build an industrial cluster and enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem.


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