SmartMesh Weekly (2019.07.15-2019.07.19)

SmartMesh has made a number of substantial progress this week!


SMT pledge mining contract has passed the sa­­fety audit of Chengdu Chain Security!


SMT pledging and mining functions have been officially launched on the Tango wallet. We are recruiting miners and formed a miner WeChat group in which our technicians guide and teach the miners the mining process and specific operational steps. Please contact the customer service if you are interested in becoming a miner.

At the same time, I am very grateful to the community members for their strong support. We firmly believe that SmartMesh will develop better and better in the future. let’s work hard together!


Here are the specifics of this week:

The specific works are as follows:


  1. Perception:

1.1 Design a distributed chat application, focusing on the problem of flooding communication connections in P2P networks.


  1. Spectrum:

2.1 Online deployment and testing of the V1.0.0 system, adding the mining bonus function of the block node, and fixing several bugs accumulated before.

The specific works are as follows:


  1. Photon optimization and Matrix optimization design.

1.1 Photon structure optimization, security design for mobile global variable package, unified management of global variables in all running states of Photon Mobile, improve the efficiency of Photon on mobile phones.

1.2 Perform Photon running state optimization analysis, including: CPU and memory usage, network and disk IO data collection and analysis, etc., to demonstrate the feasibility of Photon deep optimization.

1.3 Continue to upgrade the Matrix server, correct the message loss during synchronization, and improve the message processing efficiency.

1.4 Optimize the Matrix IO function to deal with the read and write conflicts that may occur when the nodes on the Matrix client receive the same kind of messages at the same time and improve the fault tolerance of the Matrix.

1.5 Continue to reconfigure the mobile phone customized version of the Photon function module, remove the Tokenswap backup function and interface, further reduce storage requirements and improve memory operation efficiency.

1.6 Perform Photon Withdraw optimization analysis, discuss to add the Withdraw request expiration processing design, and demonstrate the safety benefits of Withdraw expiration.

The specific works are as follows:


  1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain optimization design.

1.1 Complete the security design of the distributed notary private key, optimize the regular backup storage scheme, and ensure the security of the private key application data.

1.2 Continue the BTC cross-chain stability test to solve the data synchronization delay caused by the abnormality of individual cross-chain notary public nodes and improve the data synchronization efficiency of the notary public node.

1.3 Continue to analyze the chain signature algorithm of the federation chain, discuss the security risks and solutions that may be caused by the participants sending false signature films, and explore the optimization of distributed signature algorithms.

The specific works are as follows:


  1. Android-V2.2.3 and iOS-V2.2.1 are online. Turn on the mining function of Spectrum and optimize the near-field chat and add the remarks when transferring money.

The specific works are as follows:


  1. Communicate game development needs while recruiting developers.


The specific works are as follows:

  1. On July 17, the SMT mortgage mining contract has passed the safety audit of Chengdu Chain.

  1. On July 18th, SmartMesh Eco Wallet Tango’s SMT pledging and mining functions were officially launched and promoted on various media. At the same time, the WeChat miner group was formed. Our technicians guide and teach the miners the mining process and specific operational steps. Please contact the customer service if you are interested in becoming a miner.

  1. SmartMesh founder Henry Wang and MeshBox CTO Peter Yan joined SFA by the invitation of Mr. Chia Hock Lai, the President of the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA). Chairman Xie said that the Singapore FinTech Association is not only focused on the financial side, and SFA should pay more attention to the development of cutting-edge technology. Chairman Xie hopes that Henry Wang and Dr. Peter Yan can jointly set up the Emerging Technology Committee.

Dr. Peter Yan presented MeshBox Tesla on-site, demonstrating SMT’s world-first network-less payment function. Chairman Xie hopes that we will bring a few more MeshBox Tesla to the SFA to showcase the results of the Singapore blockchain business. He just participated in the Asian-African Financial Technology Festival, which was organized by the Singapore Monetary Authority MAS and the Kenyan Central Bank. He said that Kenya really needs our technology. Chairman Xie invited Henry Wang to speak at the Singapore Blockchain Day on August 31 and showcase the blockchain technology achievements.

  1. On July 18-19, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang and MeshBox CTO Peter Yan invited Dr. Koh, Director of the Energy Research Institute of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, to join Smart Grid and Power Electronics Consortium Singapore (SPECS). Dr. Koh believes that the potential of SmartMesh technology for tradable energy projects is huge. SmartMesh and Meshbox have partnered with MicroSys (Singapore), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), T3DP (USA), and Ryujin Lab (Korea) to propose a HyperMesh energy exchange system with 3D solar panel with 3D printing capabilities. After the refinement, we will apply for a number of Singapore government funds for this program, including but not limited to SPECS, ECOLABS, EMA, with a quota between S$500 and S$3 million. The tradable energy solution will be based on Singapore’s REIDS as a test bed after R&D integration, and its results will be promoted globally. For example, the project is applicable to the Philippines, upgrading the ordinary Jeepney (small bus) to solar power Jeepney.

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