SmartMesh Weekly (2019.07.08-2019.07.12)

This week, SmartMesh has made some progress in the promotion of the Philippines. The Philippine basketball players posted a picture of jerseys with SmartMesh text and logo on FaceBook, which got likes and shares from the Philippines’ local users. The basketball team will continue to promote SmartMesh projects to Filipino users in the coming months.

On the 28th of this month, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang will go to Singapore to participate in a closed meeting organized by the Securities Regulatory Commission, legislators, and band directors from Singapore, the United States, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. This closed meeting has far-reaching significance.

Through the continuous and effective marketing promotion, SmartMesh Foundation will promote the SmartMesh project to more users in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries to support the launch of SmartMesh eco-product MeshBox in the Philippines.


Here are the specifics of this week:


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Perception Network:

1.1 Optimize the service integration framework.

1.2 Develop a distributed chat application based on the service integration framework.


  1. Spectrum:

2.1 Resolve block synchronization issues in version 1.0.

2.2 Focus on the functional test for version 1.0.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Photon optimization and Matrix design optimization.

1.1 Image design for Photon Docker, make the runtime environment image for the latest version of Photon Docker, ensure that the pull-downs are usable, and improve ease of use.

1.2 Verify correlation data accuracy for PFS and PMS, and actively submit BalanceProof data and check when there is a switch between the state of network, reduce the data update delay caused by state switching.

1.3 Upgrade Matrix to correct internal errors when the node joins the Room and synchronize the server’s Room event, improving the message processing efficiency.

1.4 Optimize Matrix functions, streamline debugging related functions, optimize message processing flow, and improve overall performance of Matrix.

1.5 Simplified design for the mobile phone customized version of Photon interactive data, simplify the submission of PMS and PFS data content on the mobile terminal, set special flag information, further reduce storage requirements and improve memory usage efficiency.

1.6 Performing the Matrix version of the Photon crash recovery scenario test. This week’s main test scenarios include: EventSendMediatedTransfer, EventSendSecretRequest, EventSendRevealSecret, EventSendUnlock, EventSendAnnouncedDisposed, etc.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Optimize design for cross-chain distributed notary BTC.

1.1 Designing a distributed notary public private key optimization management strategy, adding regular backups on the basis of persistent storage to further ensure the reliability of private key data.

1.2 Repair cross-chain BTC problem to solve the bug that the cross-chain notary public cannot synchronize data after disconnecting for a period of time and improve the accuracy of interactive data.

1.3 Analyze the alliance chain threshold signature algorithm, compare the existing scheme key generation and signature interaction process, and explore the optimization of the distributed signature algorithm.

The specific work is as follows:


  1. In the first round of testing of the public chain mining function, the binding node and contract pledge and revenue will be tested first on the Test network. At the same time, the corresponding mining function of Ozone will be tested.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Discussing game development needs and recruiting relevant developers.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. On July 9th, the members of the Philippine basketball team sponsored by the SmartMesh Foundation made a promotional campaign for SmartMesh on FaceBook. The promotion was effective, covering more than 2,500 people and has more than 400 times of interactions. The Philippine basketball team will strongly support the promotion of SmartMesh and MeshBox in the Philippines.

Pictured above are Filipino players wearing SmartMesh text and logo jerseys.


  1. On July 9, the fourth meeting of the SMT·MESH Community Preparatory Committee was held as scheduled. The members of the Preparatory Committee once again actively discussed the relevant work of the upcoming Social Committee.

The following are the main points of discussion of this Preparatory Committee:

1) The frozen duration of tokens users used to vote

Passed: The official wallet address is kept for T-day, store the tokens 24 hours before the voting period, random snapshot, and the tokens can be freely collected after the voting.

2) The interval between two motion referendums.

Failed: The referendum interval is not set.

3) The community referendum voting weight is set to 1000SMT for 1 vote.


4) Whether the project party needs to appoint personnel to enter the Community Committee and how many people is appropriate.

Has passed: 2 people, plus 7 people selected in the community campaign, resulting in a total of 9 people.


  1. On July 18th, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang and MeshBox CTO Peter Yan will go to Singapore to attend the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) meeting to present HyperMesh transactive energy grant proposal for sever funding possibilities and join the Singapore FinTech Association.


  1. On July 28, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang will travel to Singapore to participate in a closed meeting organized by the Securities Regulatory Commission, legislators, and bank directors from Singapore, the United States, Thailand, Taiwan, etc.


  1. On October 25th, the Lunad sa Balod surfing competition sponsored by the SmartMesh Foundation will be held in the Philippines. The organizer of this surfing competition will promote the SmartMesh project to the audience and surfers at the competition.

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