SmartMesh Weekly (2019.07.22–2019.07.26)

This week, we kept working on SMT pledging and mining. Currently, there are 204 mining nodes in the project, and we will start giving mining rewards once there are 380 mining nodes. Everyone is welcomed to participate in SMT pledging and mining!


Here are the specific works of this week:

The specific work is as follows:


  1. Perception Network:

1.1 Develop a distributed chat application to complete the network broadcast and the storage of node routing information.


  1. Spectrum:

2.1 Track and observe whether the mining program on Spectrum is running normally.

2.2 Study and research the Ethereum’s second-generation smart contract virtual machine ewasm/hera specification.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Photon optimization and Matrix optimization design.

1.1 Continue to optimize the Photon structure, reconfigure the Params package and the startup process, and asynchronously process the modules that take a long time in the startup process to improve the system startup speed.

1.2 Continue to analyze Photon running state optimization, including: StateManager state maintenance, database storage performance, etc., preliminary planning Photon depth optimization.

1.3 Photon mobile memory optimization design, the private key delivery mode is modified by the KeyStore directory to be directly transferred to the caller (Tango), to avoid the large memory consumption caused by the app repeatedly loading the private key.

1.4 Improve the Photon Docker package publication, further optimize the Photon Docker image, provide images for users to download on various Linux platforms, and improve the ease of use of Photon.

1.5 Optimize the Matrix node discovery mechanism, discuss the online status of the node by customizing the list of subscribed nodes, and improve the efficiency of the Matrix.

1.6 Perform Matrix server database update, update the database from Sqlite to PostgreSQL, and further adapt to high performance and high concurrent applications.

The specific work is as follows:


  1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain optimization design.

1.1 Update of the distributed notary information document and supplement the description for error repair and interface update to improve the accuracy of the operation instructions.

1.2 Initially construct the BTC cross-chain automatic test scenario and design the script for distributed notary cross-chain Lock-in testing to improve test efficiency.

1.3 Continue to conduct cross-chain performance testing and cooperate with the public chain for pledging and mining testing to support node deployment.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Continuously optimize the mining function and release the new version, allow users to understand and notice key content information more intuitively, and adjust the script and layout. Made a more detailed treatment of the revenue interface and node identity.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. The Dapp Developer Foundation discussed the issue of pledging the mining nodes.
  2. Recruitment of game developers.

The specific work is as follows:


  1. Since last Thursday when SmartMesh eco-wallet Tango launched SMT pledging and mining functions, 204 miners have joined the SMT pledge and mining as of the time of publication.

Currently, there are 301 small partners who are interested in participating in SMT mining in the miners’ recruitment group. The official miners’ group have also been established. In response to the voices of community users, SMT Mine Pool is now in technical development, supporting the multi-person combined to pledge 1 mining node. Stay tuned for upcoming news!


  1. On July 23, SmartMesh Marketing Department released the newsletter in the blockchain media currency world ( with the theme “The early investors of SmartMesh Foundation and some advisors will participate in SMT pledging and mining”.

The following is the content of the newsletter:

  1. On July 26, the SmartMesh Foundation and an exchange post (contracted: the SmartMesh Foundation can only make the announcement after the exchange post make the announcement, so we cannot release the name of the exchange post nor the time of SMT listing.) We signed the SMT listing contract. In the next 1-2 weeks, we will work on SMT listing, and we will also be launching a series of currency market activities in the SmartMesh community and the exchange post community. Please wait for further announcements.


  1. On July 30th, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang was invited by Professor David Lee of Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) to participate in the SUSS Summit Forum and deliver a speech. He will also have a meeting with the participating United States Securities and Exchange Commission member Hester Pierce and representatives from Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS), Singapore Communications Media Development Authority, Philippine Central Bank, Malaysian Central Bank, distributed investment and other agencies. They will talk about the combination and sandbox of global blockchain, inclusive finance, emerging technologies, and so on.
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