Meetup at Singapore: Infrastructure, Inclusion, and Security of Internet of Everything

At May 28, 2019, SmartMesh, MeshBox, and Beosin Chengdu Chainan will hold a Meetup at Singapore University of Social Science. Singapore government and academia have confirmed to their presence. The topic of this Meetup is “Blockchain Infrastructure, Inclusion, and Security”. Beosin Chengdu Chainan will discuss the issues related to blockchain security and analyze how to prevent undesirable consequences caused by data breach. SmartMesh and MeshBox will present a service plan that provides a secured networks based on the blockchain technology and a fast and convenient payment method for Singapore.

SmartMesh, once praised by Professor Li Guoquan as “a historic mission”, is a blockchain-based IoT underlying protocol that uses spectral blockchain two-layer photonic network to motivate Mesh network nodes to form a point-to-point distributed and flexible self-organizing and self-healing network. The network can be connected with the Internet to extend the Internet to solve the last mile problem, or it can form a parallel distributed value Internet, supporting networkless communication and networkless payment. SmartMesh pioneered the next-generation IT hyper-partition HyperMesh infrastructure, while MeshBox is a new intelligent hardware product based on blockchain technology innovation that supports edge storage, edge computing, edge intelligence, and other blockchain value Internet infrastructure. The combination of SmartMesh’s network and MeshBox’s network box forms an infrastructure for Internet of everything. It can be used as the last mile solution for operators, providing network and e-banking services for places with bad connections, and also for areas with good network provide quality, efficient and secure personal storage and network services. At the same time, cooperation with companies in the professional security field such as Chain Security will undoubtedly achieve the true value of the generalized economy: distributed privacy and trust. The presenter of this theory is Professor Li Guoquan himself.

Chengdu Chainan Technology Co., Ltd., which will soon cooperate with SmartMesh and MeshBox, focuses on the full ecological security of the blockchain. It has obtained two rounds of equity investment in famous investment institutions such as Distributed Capital, Jieshi Capital and Pangu Chuangfu. Its core technology is formal verification, and it is one of the first companies in the world to apply this technology to the blockchain security field. Independently developed the world’s first highly automated intelligent contract formal verification platform VaaS that supports multiple blockchain platforms such as ETH, EOS, Fabric, ONT, TRON, etc., with an accuracy rate of over 95%. Related research results have been applied for multiple software patent. The company made the first batch of Etherscan smart contract audit recommendation list and PwC innovation accelerator, won the first national small and medium-sized micro-business SaaS application innovation and entrepreneurship competition, won the OKEx best security audit partner award and other honors, participated in writing multiple security standards of blockchain for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and selected into the “2018 Blockchain White Paper” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It was also the only security company that was selected as “Top 20 China Blockchain Enterprise Top 100”, and won the Golden Finance “2018 Professional Security Service Organization” and “2019 China Blockchain”, won the “Best Blockchain Data Security Team” award from Mars Finance, and became a member of the Key Laboratory of Blockchain Technology and Data Security Industry and Information Technology Department in 2019. The company has over 500 audited intelligent contracts and independently discovered dozens of blockchain security vulnerabilities, which have won unanimous praise and recognition from the industry and customers.

On May 17, Li Guoquan, a professor at Singapore University of Social Science, delivered a keynote speech at the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum, “The Real Value of the token Economy: Distributed Privacy and Trust”. Professor Li Guoquan indicates that the value of the blockchain is mainly in the artificial “three M (mutual reciprocity, mutual benefit, mutual intelligence)”. Only when they can exchange each other can digital assets become non-domain; only if they can reciprocate, everyone can gain the same interests and minimize the conflicts of interests; only with enough reciprocity, build a common mutual wisdom, can there be no harm. If we exchange these ideas, we can turn regulation and policy into an important support.

The value system that SmartMesh is demonstrating coincides with Professor Li Guoquan’s “Three M (Mutual Reciprocal, Mutual Reciprocal, Mutual Wisdom)”. SmartMesh has signed an agreement with Star Telecom of the Philippines to help Filipino residents in the networked area solve network communication problems. Recently, SmartMesh and MeshBox core team members will travel to the Philippines to conduct field test on networking and meet with local government officials to prepare for the summit show in the Philippines in August.

In order to promote SmartMesh and MeshBox to land the value of the Internet infrastructure in the network-free region as soon as possible and build a distributed business ecosystem to realize inclusive finance, Professor Li Guoquan will organize SmartMesh and MeshBox at the Singapore University of Social Science on May 28th. The topic of the Meetup is “Blockchain Infrastructure, Inclusion and Security”. This Meetup will be led by Mr. Wang Qiheng, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation and the International Association of Blockchain Applications, with a focus on how the blockchain connects the unconnected and realizes inclusive finance from the perspective of infrastructure and solutions. At the same time, Chengdu Chain Security Technology CMO Mr. Gao Ziyang will analyze how to improve security and prevent the various risks caused by information leakage, and prevent hackers from having opportunities. Shane Hermans, founder of Genuisto, will showcase Inclusive Finance through ePera’s social banking platform to connect 1 billion people without bank accounts.

The following is the content of the Singapore Meetup poster on May 28th. Use WeChat scan  for the QR code or go to the link to sign up. Admissions are limited so please register as soon as possible!

Content of meeting:

  1. How does the blockchain connect those who are not connected?


Speaker: Wang Qiheng

Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation CEO


The SmartMesh Foundation has developed an inclusive infrastructure to support blockchain-based, networkless, off-grid connections and applications. With the popularity of low-orbit satellites, SmartMesh has become the best solution for the last mile problem of integrated networking. It can connect 3.9 billion people who currently do not have Internet in 7 years and bring inclusive finance to them. These applications are secured by the Spectrum public chain, while a two-layer photonic network provides performance extensions. SmartMesh Wallets on smartphones will run distributed applications that support WiFi charging, the Internet, content distribution, distributed storage, payment services, etc. This powerful infrastructure connects people who are not yet connected, empowers the real economy, and benefits the world.


2.HyperMesh: Next Generation IT Infrastructure


Speaker: Peter Yan

CTO of MeshBox


The next generation infrastructure is more than just another iteration of the previous architecture. Instead, it will be the HyperMesh infrastructure, a hybrid, networked physical infrastructure that brings together networking, computing, content distribution, and financial technology. The HyperMesh infrastructure is under development, with distributed fault tolerance, motivated by cryptocurrencies, powered by renewable energy, and use MeshBox for peer-to-peer mesh communication over the Earth via the global satellite Internet. The distributed data market based on the hyper-separation infrastructure is the security foundation of the future AI, and it can prevent the devastating disaster caused by centralized AI.



  1. Blockchain security analysis and hotspot security event sharing


Speaker: Gao Ziyang


Beosin Chengdu Chainan Technology CMO


The current blockchain field is developing rapidly, but it must be acknowledged that the blockchain technology is still in the early stage of development. The technology and application scenarios are not perfect nor mature, which leads to a large number of hacker attacks. Security issues still plague the entire industry. Public security, exchanges, wallets, mining, and many security issues occur frequently. A random security breach can cause hundreds of millions of user losses.

In the blockchain industry, security is the most fundamental issue. In the first half of the 2019 security incident, many of them were completely avoidable. The frequent occurrence of security incidents was largely due to the fact that security awareness was too weak.

In view of the security of blockchains, we must pay attention to the attack and defense. This time, we will share the security incidents around the hotspots and tell you how to use formal verification in the field of blockchain to have good defenses. How should we improve security? Prevent and avoid all kinds of hazards caused by information leakage, and prevent attackers from having opportunities.


  1. Inclusive finance and education connecting 1 billion people

– SBX Social Banking Experience


Speaker: Shane Hermans

President & CEO of Genuisto


ePera aims to help low- and middle-income people benefit from inclusive finance and education by connecting communities to a mobile-based (all-channel) reliable middle platform and integrating banking and banking.

The ePera platform is a channel for communication with users and helps social innovation partners, communities and families. Banking products and a combination of market and non-financial products offer the potential to provide critical services for real-life needs and will increase local community awareness and increase economic growth.

ePera integrates payments, banking & insurance, legal tenders, local communities, service providers and healthcare to connect NGOs, government agencies and service providers with communities and members. Each of these pieces together creates a collaborative network that is the Phygital ecosystem of the physical world and the digital world.

By combining SmartMesh, MeshBox, SpaceX and Oneweb technologies with ePera’s ecosystem, we see that connecting 1 billion people is our reality in the future.

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