SmartMesh Weekly (2019.05.20-2019.05.24)

Yesterday, Professor Li Guoquan and the Director of the Finance Bureau of the Singapore Monetary Authority President Bai simultaneously send the article from the Singapore Lianhe Morning News “New Strategic Thinking on Financial Technology Development and Supervision” to SmartMesh founder Wang Qiheng. The article introduced the enlightened and intelligent guiding of Singapore government in the development of blockchain. When the token market was speculated with great attention last year, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (HKMA: MAS) took timely supervision and enforcement actions to maintain market order and protect the interests of investors. It is commendable.

We are very pleased to have both the SmartMesh and MeshBox foundations in Singapore. Mentor Li Guoquan always cares about the development of this project that “moved” him. He organized this Meetup for us at Singapore University of Social Science on May 28th. What people don’t know is that we will focus on the HyperMesh super-division of the high-dimensional connection infrastructure brought to the human by the blockchain. From 6G, deep space communication, world-wide integrated network, the trace of the food network mesh of ranches, to the super-mesh and edge computing of smart homes, distributed AI, Professor Li and I hope to devote a high dimension incision in the high dimensional world to everyone.



Here are the specifics of this week:


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Perception Network:

1.1 Begin to transplant the websocket function module and open the programmable API interface.

  1. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Discuss the mining-related economic model with the business unit and wait for the document to be finalized.

2.2 Design and develop miner function modules not related to economic models.

2.3 Set up the V1.0 version of the Spectrum test environment.


The specific work is as follows:


  1. Photon super node solution perfecting and Photon optimizing

1.1 Complete the implementation of Photon Mobile integrated super node contract management, including: super node fund raising, investor additional investment, investor divestment, investor information inquiry, etc., so that investors can complete investment management on the App.

1.2 Perform Photon common node and super node joint debugging test, which mainly includes: verifying the normal realization of Photon common node and super node through PFS for transit channel payment and investor query, investor capital increase, investor divestment and other functions, and the automatic addition of channel balances and channel revenues into specific functions such as timed rollover, and further improve the interaction design to simplify the operation process of investors and managers.

1.3 Photon super node abnormal scene construction and process design, including: user node crash recovery scene, user node no network and has network automatic switching scene and multi-concurrent transaction scene, super node transfer, revenue calculation, revenue query and other functions, and Improve the stability of super node project operations.

1.4 The design of the critical processing of Photon transaction amount, mainly includes: the transaction is repeated in the critical situation, the transaction is abnormal, and the transaction node is not deducted from the direct channel fee. The accuracy of the charging scheme is further evaluated and optimized.

1.5 Continue to perform Photon optimization processing, including: repairing malicious MediatedTransfer from other nodes, including the error routing information that causes a crash, adding a new inter-node message ErrorNotify, detecting the inconsistency of the data.

1.6 Further improve the Photon document update, including: update Photon delegate status code and description to PMS, update the new data structure example request and response description, update part of the scene description, submit WiKi for user query, etc.



The specific work is as follows:


  1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain optimization and improvement

1.1 Continue the BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout stability test, verify the distributed notary public Nonce negotiation and cross-chain transaction fault tolerance under abnormal scenarios, and improve the security of BTC cross-chain transactions.

1.2 Continue to carry out the BTC cross-chain transaction page demo design, and make asynchronous adjustment and feedback on the BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout business logic process status display to improve the overall display effect.

1.3 Carry out the distributed notary BTC cross-chain code optimization work, complete the code annotation and function description supplement, and improve the code quality.

1.4 Start to analyze the function of the BTC client wallet, and sort out the BTC wallet key generation mechanism to prepare for the BTC cross-chain transaction client design.


The specific work is as follows:

  1. In the middle of the first round of testing the APP revision, the photon network entrance and some interfaces are adjusted for optimization.
  2. Design of the mining function required for the Spectrum hard fork of the APP.



The specific work is as follows:


  1. Game development are being actively planned.



The specific work of the market is as follows:


  1. Professor Li Guoquan promoted for SmartMesh and MeshBox’s Singapore Meetup event on LinkedIn. Wang Qiheng, Chairman of SmartMesh Foundation, shared the post. You are welcome to sign up for the Meetup in Singapore on May 28th. If you can’t go to the live site, you can still watch the event on the livestream. Please pay attention to the community related news!

  1. On May 20th, SmartMesh and MeshBox delegation met with World Blockchain Foundation (WBF) co-founder Evan, Kenyon, and local business representative Flori to discuss the global blockchain IoT financial technology summit. Evan, on behalf of the World Blockchain Foundation WBF, once again said that the Thai government is very keen to see that SmartMesh will hold the global blockchain IoT financial technology summit in August in Bangkok, which is a more international financial center in Southeast Asia comparing to the originally planned Manila. The Thai government can provide financial support. WBF’s Evan and Kenyon said that Thailand is more developed than the Philippines, so the Philippine government and bank officials are more willing and pay more attention to visit Bangkok to participate in the deployment.


  1. On May 21st, Wang Qiheng, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, and Peter Yan, CTO of the MeshBox Foundation, met with representatives of the Philippine Senate and the MPBL Basketball League, and exchanged views with representatives of the blockchain community in the Philippines.

  1. On May 22nd, SmartMesh Foundation Chairman Wang Qiheng and MeshBox Foundation CTO Peter Yan and Commercial Director He Jun visited Manila’s two conference centers, SMX Mall of Asia and the Philippine International Conference Center.


  1. On May 23, Wang Qiheng, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, and Peter Yan, CTO of the MeshBox Foundation, were invited to visit the Manila Blockchain Center. Blockchain Center founder Mac once worked for COO at VHCEx, and the center is currently partnering with VHCEx. Mac is eager to work with SmartMesh and MeshBox in the center.


  1. On May 23, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, Wang Qiheng, and MeshBox Foundation CTO Peter Yan and Commercial Director He Jun were invited to attend a Pre Launch press conference of a Philippine central bank full-licensing exchange. The exchange will hold the official launch conference at the end of June. In the early days of this exchange, they made wallets and payment methods, and has a strong fit with SmartMesh in the Philippines. The two sides will cooperate when opportunity comes.


  1. The chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, Wang Qiheng, had a friendly exchange with the founder of a Philippine central bank full-licensing exchange located in Malaysia. The wallet of the exchange is said to be connected to convenience stores, and the Token can be purchased at convenience stores. When major events are released, the cooperation from the two sides will go online to form a closed loop of blockchain application.


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