SmartMesh Weekly Report (2019.05.13-2019.05.17)

On May 23rd, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China, Miao Wei, held a press conference at the State Council Information Office to introduce comprehensive and deepening reforms and accelerate the work of new industrialization. It will expand the openness of the telecom industry to private enterprises, and it will encourage and support private enterprises to enter the telecommunications field. At the same time, it will open up the restriction on business entities and encourage private enterprises to operate new technology businesses such as the Internet of Things. I believe this will also be the rend of telecommunications Internet development in all countries of the world.


This is undoubtedly a major opportunity and challenge for SmartMesh and MeshBox. SmartMesh and MeshBox technologies can provide rapid deployment, low-cost, high-speed network services for areas without network or with poor connections. Meshbox can serve as a foundation for Internet of Things and help operators solve the connection problem of the last mile. It can also provide high-quality personal safety network services for a good network. The year of 2019 might be the first year of integration of heaven and earth.


Here are the specific works of this week:

Specific tasks:

  1. Perception Network
    1. Debugging the mdns nodes discovery function between MeshBox enables networking in Meshbox without internet.
  2. Spectrum Public Chain
    1. Design the mining scene and divide the power and responsibility between the super node group of the Standing Committee and the common miner node group.
    2. Complete the income algorithm of two mining modes (collateral + MeshBox).

Design the future mining organization model of small users who participate in mining

Specific tasks:

  1. Photon Super-Node plan implementation and Photon optimizing
    1. Complete the function and interface implementation of Photon Super-Node Project version 0.1, including: Super-node operation status inquiry, investor’s additional investment, investor’s divestment, investor’s income settlement, super-node investment settlement, super-node revenue settlement, super-node channel balance Automatic addition, super-node withdrawal plan, etc. Preliminary implementation of program design related to functions and business logic.
    2. Complete the Photon Super-Node project test environment and scenario construction, including: test private chain deployment, SNM contract deployment, account and channel construction, test process and scenario design, transaction routing designation, etc. Improve test related dependencies and ensure testing is correct and feasible.
    3. Photon Super-Node project interface test and functional test, including: investor interface, management personnel interface, investor Mobile interface and Debug interface, investor and contract interaction function, management node and contract interaction function, management node and PFS interaction function, auto-complete function, etc. Detect data feedback and functional characteristics of each interface and improve system stability.
    4. Complete the description of the Photon Super-Node project document, including: Photo super-node contract specification, photon super-node API interface, tec. Complete related function description, scene description, sample request and response description, etc. Submit Wiki for user inquiry.
    5. Continue to perform Photon optimization processing, including: fix bug where the failed transaction record get overwritten, add the two-party balance information in the settle contract call record, and add the SyncProcess field in the System-Status interface.
    6. Improve Photon support super-node application related design, including: add SNM investor management interface, joint adjustment with super-nodes, etc. Support super-node project application requirements.

Specific tasks:

  1. Design for distributed notary BTC cross-chain
    1. Continue the BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout functional test, verify the interaction logic between the distributed notary of main and side chain and the user HTLC, and perform concurrent transaction stability evaluation.
    2. Conduct the preliminary design of the BTC cross-chain transaction page demo, re-use and adapt the Ethereum cross-chain transaction demo, and adjust the layout and process for the BTC cross-chain.
    3. Continue to conduct BTC cross-chain transaction security assessment, perform logical analysis and scenario test on security of transaction timeout security, notary public anomaly, test logic analysis under double-spending defense and such scenarios for UTXO in the main and side chain HTLC, Evaluate the probability of extreme situation and possible outcomes, and ensure the account safety of the notary.


Specific tasks:

The APP revision entered the testing phase, while fine-tuning the UI final plan.

Photon user paying experience improved.

Specific tasks:

  1. The developer community was handed over from Hua Jiang to Arnold Wang (Wei Wang).
  2. The spectral chain DApp Foundation charter is being actively discussed.
  3. The game DApp is recruiting developers.

Specific tasks:

1. Singapore’s Xinyue University SUSS becomes SmartMesh’s Meetup venue. The conference will be held on May 28, 19, from 2 pm to 5 pm. We are invited by Singapore’s financial leader Professor Guoquan Li to the Singapore Meetup, which is held by Xinyue University. We will livestream this Meetup and we invite everyone to watch! Please keep an eye on the updates of the community.

During this meetup, Mr. Qiheng Wang, the Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation and of the International Association of Blockchain Applications, will discuss the solutions to connect the unconnected and realizes inclusive finance from the perspective of infrastructure. MeshBox CTO, Dr. Peter Yan will demonstrate how to upgrade human connectivity to a hyper-splitting architecture that supports distributed storage and distributed data markets. At the same time, Chengdu Chainan Technology CMO Mr. Gao Ziyang will analyze how to improve security and prevent the various risks caused by information leakage. Genuisto founder CEO Shane Hermans will showcase Inclusive Finance through ePera’s social banking platform to connect 1 billion people without bank accounts.

SmartMesh has signed NDA and MOA with Chengdu Chain Technology.

The ePera platform will be based on SmartMesh’s public-chain spectrum to develop DApps and will be on display at the Manila Global Summit and World Blockchain Application Show.

2. Chairman of SmartMesh Foundation Qiheng Wang and MeshBox CTO Peter went to Boda Guangtong IoT to confirm the details of the blockchain joint laboratories of the Internet of Things with Haier and Qingdao Municipal Government. The meeting today also made a plan to visit Qingdao again to hold a signing ceremony.

3. On this Sunday, SmartMesh CEO Mr. Qiheng Wang, MeshBox CTO, and Commercial Director will depart for the Philippines to work with local partners to determine the implementation plan and specific issues for the August summit and meet with a number of business partners. They will also meet with the officials from the Philippines government.

4. This afternoon, SmartMesh team, MeshBox team, and ePera team held a video conference to discuss the details of technical docking. ePera will run its app in the spectrum chain and put SmartMesh wallet into the app. They will also issue their own stable currency on the spectral chain.

5. This Friday, SmartMesh back-end development leader Wei Wang is promoted to the developer community leader. Hua Jiang, the former head of the community leader, no longer assumes any position in the developer community due to work adjustments. Wei Wang (Arnold Wang) is a senior software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in concurrent system development. The SmartMesh team is very grateful to Hua Jiang for his contribution to the developer community. His passion and commitment to the project will always be engraved in the spectrum of love to motivate the team.


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