SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.08.06 – 2018.08.10)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.08.06 – 2018.08.10)

Whenever possible, the SmartMesh team bears in mind the principles of “Sustainable Development, Accelerated Deployment, and Future Innovation”. These core values keep the project properly focused and energized on a course that is bound for great success and impressive results.

This week, SmartMesh again attracted worldwide attention as it unveiled its newest financial venture entitled the SmartRoots Fund. SmartRoots Fund will undoubtedly give a huge boost blockchain based ecosystem development in the coming years.

Although SmartMesh is the world’s first blockchain-based Mesh network project, they are showing the world that there are things that can be done effectively even without lessons from the past to lean on. SmartMesh is convinced that the future network is getting closer and closer to people’s lives.

Technical Developments


This week, the Public Chain Team started mapping work ahead of schedule.  The current tasks are mainly focused on laying the foundation for the upcoming Coin and Token deployments. After the public chain mapping, the focus will immediately shift towards ecoystem project integrations and the team has worked out a plan for this ahead of time.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Updated the public chain master code on to version 0.4.1 and optimized the Gas calculation rules for special transactions.
  2. Began to study the libp2p network library and analyzed the parts which are suitable for use on Spectrum.
  3. Summarized the research results of EVM in stages, and studied key contents again.
  4. Held face-to-face communications with the MeshBox Tech team and participated in MeshBox’s Token Profitablity Plan, laying the foundation for integration with future Spectrum ecosystem projects.

Ozone’s development has been faster than usual, and some of its new functions were implemented this week. Now Ozone supports ERC20 token queries on the Spectrum public chain, which means that people can query not only SMT, but other ERC20 tokens deployed on the Spectrum public chain, which greatly increases the usefulness of Ozone.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Realized Ozone application lock function, enhancing application security further.
  2. Ensured that the layout of common functions is practical and convenient for users to access frequently.
  3. Implemented the ERC20 token query function under the support of the Spectrum public chain.
  4. Completed the Windows platform Spectrum 0.4.0 packaging test.


This week, the SmartRaiden Team carried out message processing for the SmartRaiden transaction launch functionality and released the 0.3 version of SmartRaiden. The stability of SmartRaiden has been further enhanced, and more functions are being realized step by step.

The details are is as follows:

  1. Designed the message sent by the transaction initiator, and designed the processing logic for some chain events. These designs include direct transaction requests, indirect transaction requests, SecretRequest messages, RevealSecret messages, AnnounceDisposed messages, channel closure events on the chain, new block timer events on the chain, and secret registration events on the chain.
  2. Completed the resource releases of SmartRaiden 0.3 and SmartRaiden-Monitoring 0.1, and completed the construction of the UI/Web application module. After completing the module construction, the SmartRaiden Team also carried out preliminary tests on it in order to guarantee that the module will be in normal operation condition.
  3. Completed SmartRaiden documentation assignment, which will lay the foundation for further work.

SmartMesh APP

The APP team has been further developing the APP’s potential this week. According to user feedback, the team has made some minor adjustments related to transfers, Token display, the mobile phone adapter and other aspects.

In order to to gain a better understanding of how to optimize the UI, the APP team also randomly conducted questionnaires with certain users, which will be included in follow-up research and development work as the team strives to bring a better user experience to all.

The details are as follows:

  1. Completed wallet transfer fee optimization. After the mapping, the use of Spectrum SMT transaction fees will be more affordable.
  2. Optimized the overall Token display to facilitate user access to accounts.
  3. Completed the Android part of the mobile multi-language adapter 8.0 system equipment work, and increased the operation stability of APP.
  4. According to user feedback suggestions, optimized the APP privilege opening and closing prompt to avoid individual user handsets from automatically closing the APP privilege which can result in the APP not being able to run.

Market Action

This week SmartMesh released big news on several fronts. Not only was the establishment of the SmartRoots Fund unveiled, but also interviews were conducted with its founder Henry Wang, lots of action was stirred up on social media, and the recruitment of SmartMesh developers through technology communities was carried out.

The details are is as follows:

  1. SmartMesh signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Roots Capital to jointly establish the SmartRoots Fund. The two sides will combine SmartMesh’s rich experience in technology and Internet of Things + Block Chain with Roots Capital’s early high-tech investment experience to create the world’s first ecoystem fund focused on the Internet of Things + Block Chain. The marketing team was the first to convey this message to the outside world, triggering the attention of blockchain enthusiasts worldwide.

SmartRoots Fund official website: http://SmartRoots.Fund/

On the afternoon of August 6, the CEO of Opporty came to SmartMesh’s office in Beijing to exchange views on SmartMesh’s ecosystem project concept. Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, enthusiastically shared the future outlook of the SmartMesh Project, and the Opporty CEO saw eye to eye with him.

Opporty aims to provide affordable new technologies for small businesses and to promote the massive adoption of blockchain and encrypted currencies in the United States and is intent on building the SmartMesh ecosystem together.

Opporty and SmartMesh discuss future ecosystem collaboration possibilities.

In July, the Sino-European media visited the Beijing Office of SmartMesh and conducted an in-depth interview with Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh.

Photo shows SiO media and face-to-face communication with Mr. Wang Qiheng, founder of SmartMesh

  1. The SmartMesh Developer Technology Community officially launched public recruitment on August 8, and the marketing team has issued global recruitment announcements through various channels. All interested are welcome to sign up and you will have the opportunity to win SMT awards as well.

Registration link:

Activity Notice:

On August 11, 2018, Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, will be invited to attend the “China Block Chain Leading Talents Summit Forum 2008 <The Future of New Blockchain Technologies >. He will also give a lecture on “Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things”.

That’s all for this week’s update, stay tuned next week to catch all the highlights from the rapidly evolving, and deploying, SmartMesh project.

* All times mentioned in the article refer to Singapore time.

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