SmartMesh Partners with Roots Capital Establishing World’s First IoT + Blockchain Fund.


Recently, SmartMesh, the leading IoT project in the blockchain industry, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Roots Capital to jointly establish the Smartroots Fund. The two companies will combine SmartMesh’s deep Internet of Things + blockchain technology experience with Roots Capital lengthy tenure in the high-tech investment field to create the world’s first IoT + blockchain ecosystem vertical market fund.

SmartMesh is a blockchain-based IoT underlying protocol that can self-organize to form flexible, decentralized, self-healing Mesh Networks incentivized by SMT Tokens, providing higher near-field speeds and bandwidth than the Internet. SmartMesh allows blockchain technology to break through the border of the Internet into the IoT and IoE (Internet of Everything) era. The SmartMesh Spectrum public chain launched in April of 2018 and SmartRaiden, which brings digital payment technology to mobile networks, has already been deployed on it. In the future, the Spectrum public chain and SmartRaiden nodes will be deployed on MeshBox routers which will be the primary hardware components in the SmartMesh ecosystem.

Founded in 2013, Roots Capital was one of the first to invest in blockchain technology via traditional means. Commencing their investment in blockchain the end of 2016, they remain convinced that blockchain + IoT is the way of the future and are raising funds for various projects in this area. At present, Roots Capital has invested in dozens of blockchain projects including Fcoin, Coin World, Tokenclub, SmartMesh, InterValue, etc., and is committed to becoming a long-term partner in ecosystem construction, community operations, media, fundraising, and trading, bringing together all resources in order to empower projects and grow together.

SmartMesh and Roots Capital have now signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and are determined to build the world’s first fund focused on blockchain + IoT ecosystems.

SmartMesh has partnered with Roots Capital to form the Smartroots Fund. SmartMesh will leverage its years of experience in technology and its accumulation of related resources in IoT and blockchain to expand with more industry partners, while Roots Capital will complement those efforts with its many years of investment experience to jointly explore incubator investment to launch more blockchain + IoT projects. In the future, SmartRoots will invest in high-quality projects in the fields of offline communication technologies, Mesh chips, IoT related solutions and applications, edge computing and edge storage.

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