SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.07.30 – 2018.08.03)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.07.30 – 2018.08.03)

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.

Long term steady development has enabled SmartMesh to improve its functionality and rapidly empower itself with a robust array of sturdy technology. The launching of the Spectrum public chain, release of the fully operational digital wallet, and successful public demonstration of internet-free payments have all been major strides leading towards the ultimate goal of implementing blockchain-based Mesh networks across the globe.

So, what exactly has the SmartMesh team been up to this week? Let’s get up to speed:

Technical Developments


This week, the public chain team worked with various exchanges to prepare for the upcoming mapping of SMT to the Spectrum chain. As reported in last week’s update, the SMT mapping is currently in the stage of waiting to dock up with the exchanges. Once everything is in sync with the exchanges, the initial SMT mapping will commence. The public chain team has also released the latest public chain code and continued to review it for Ethernet Virtual Machine (EVM) debugging.

The public chain team is responsible for both blockchain and Ozone R&D. Since the Spectrum mapping is now all ready, the focus of the team will shift towards accelerating Ozone development.

Here are the latest details:

  1. Cooperated with exchanges to prepare for SMT mapping.
  2. Released the latest public chain code on Github.
  3. Researched and debugged the Ethernet Virtual Machine (EVM) code.

Ozone has been optimized quite a bit this week, experiencing upgrades ranging from application functionality to visual appearance. The biggest change is Ozone’s new keylock function, which functions as a secondary protection for Ozone passwords, and showcases Ozone’s strong level of security. The Spectrum 0.4.0 client-side test was also one of this week’s highlights. All this highlights the thorough job the team is doing to make very stable progress.

Here are the details:

  1. Enabled the latest Ozone program icon.
  2. Adjusted the overall look of the program, the interface is now more intuitive, and the functionality is more prominent.
  3. Added the keylock function.
  4. Tested the Spectrum V0.4.0 Ozone client package.


This week the SmartRaiden team mainly carried out channel module and charging scheme designs. These efforts will ensure that the rules and supporting services of SmartRaiden are optimized. The document review work mentioned in last week’s update has now been completed.

Here are all the details:

  1. The SmartRaiden Team designed the channel module, including the processing of receiving channel events, the update of the channel state and local storage docking for both channel sides.
  2. The SmartRaiden Team designed the charge scheme and standard, and the new charge information is now stored on the server. The four kinds of design charge standards have been designed independently according to the basic charge, the transfer amount, the fixed charge and the preferential charge, in order to allow the transfer party to choose an appropriate cost.
  3. The SmartRaiden Team has completed SmartRaiden 0.3 version and third-party service 0.1 Readthedocs trusteeship, completed the Specification and Smartraiden_Monitoring reviews, modified the node state synchronization and third-party service descriptions, modified the third-party service function and process description, and supplemented the third-party service instances.

SmartMesh APP

Out of all the APP’s functionality, the wallet is undoubtedly the top priority, and the APP team has now added the block transfer number confirmation, which can further enhance transfer security. Some users have suggested that the APP picture loads a little bit slow, and after receiving this feedback, the APP team has also made the corresponding modifications to improve its loading speed. The team has also replaced the network framework with the latest one which can effectively increase the speed and success of network requests, so that the use of the APP has a smoother overall experience.

The “Red Envelope” money sending function has been developed and is now waiting dock with the SmartRaiden team.

The details are as follows:

  1. Added block transfer number confirmation to enhance security.
  2. Modified picture selection component to improve loading speed.
  3. Optimized the overall network framework.
  4. The “Red Envelope” money sending function has been developed and is waiting to dock up with the SmartRaiden Team.

Market Action

Much of the marketing team’s focus this week was to expose the recent plagiarism of the SmartMesh Whitepaper to the general public.

The details are as follows:

  1. In response to previous cases of Chinese teams plagiarizing the SmartMesh whitepaper, the marketing team this week formally began to apply for copyright certificates for all relevant works. At present, the team has gathered all the essential materials, and will link up with all the relevant departments next week.
  2. The training phase two SmartMesh medals and exclusive T-shirts were issued on July 31st. At present, the market team has received two rounds of feedback and all the energy is keeping the buzz alive within the community.

Training Phase Two “Power Participant”

  1. Starting this week, those in phase two of the training program formally participated in promotional work. The marketing team guided them as they completed a number of tasks including answering community questions, interpreting and writing about the project, and executing community development.

That’s all for this week, please stay tuned next week for the follow-up edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.  See you then!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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