SmartMesh Whitepaper Plagiarized

Please be advised, the SmartMesh Whitepaper has been plagiarized!

On July 9, 2018, the SmartMesh team once again discovered that its Whitepaper had been illicitly copied by others.

Going by the name “Optical Network”, a copycat project not only had ideas identical to the SmartMesh project, but actually copied much of the SmartMesh Whitepaper word for word, including graphic designs, and in some cases did not even remove the words SmartMesh or SMT from the copied text.

The copycat project also made a public commitment to “guarantee the principal guarantee against damage” and “have an ROI of 5 – 10 times”. As we all know, the cryptocurrency money market is so volatile that there is no project that can ensure that the principal of the investor will be guaranteed to make such large profits. The SmartMesh Team encourages everyone to perform due diligence on any investment they make.

This is the fourth case of plagiarism discovered by the SmartMesh team since the project’s inception. Naturally, the stronger a project is, the more susceptible it is to being copied.

As the world’s first blockchain-based Mesh network project SmartMesh is leading the way for the next generation of network technology to cover the earth. The ecosystem includes the Spectrum Chain, SmartRaiden and Ozone which will allow fleets of Dapps to be built by third-parties in the future.

In order to ensure the rights and interests of SmartMesh and its investors, the team has already applied for all necessary software copyrights, trademarks and patents, and the illegal copycat plagiarists will be pursued. Finally, the SmartMesh team sincerely hopes that investors can remain vigilant, and make sure they are dealing with authentic sources at all time.  Thank you for reading this and please pass on the information to others.

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