SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.07.02 – 2018.07.06)


SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.07.02 – 2018.07.06)

Welcome everyone to the latest edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.  As we enter Q3 of 2018 there’s lots brewing, and we’ve also tweaked the format of the Weekly Update to try to give you a better reading experience.  So here are all the latest updates and highlights from within the SmartMesh project:

Technical Developments



Since the birth of Spectrum, the public chain team has always maintained that safety and stability should be the top priority and they continue to do so. During Spectrum’s three months of operation, the team has carried out multi-party analysis on Spectrum and discussed new network topology and a more reasonable block weighting algorithm with American experts.


The specific points of focus are as follows:

  1. Studied the new block generation algorithm and explored alternative algorithmic methods that could be suitable for Spectrum.
  2. Discussed experts new network topology and a more reasonable block weighting algorithm with US experts.
  3. Perfected Spectrum related technical documents.

Next up is the good news that Ozone v0.4.0 is coming soon, and the official homepage has also been revised. Being the primary gateway to the Spectrum ecosystem, Ozone v0.4.0 is being taken seriously by the public chain team and every detail is given great consideration and attention. With the advent of Ozone v0.4.0, the overall experience has been taken to the next level.


Here are the specifics:

  1. Modified the package configuration item for the Windows version.
  2. Optimized client management module code so that it automatically downloads updates when Spectrum has a new version.
  3. Ozone v0.4.0 version of multi-platform packaging test.
  4. Prepared for Ozone integration with DApps.
  5. The main page of the Ozone website has been reformed, with previous code pages transformed into official web pages, and a detailed description for creating wallets, smart contracts and tokens on Spectrum.




The SmartRaiden team continues to make progress on its groundbreaking payment technology. The new version of the contract design and testing function has been the focus of work this week. This has been continuing at a sure and steady pace and will establish technology that has a long-lasting effect on digital economies.


The specifics are as follows:

  1. There is a new version of the contract SC logic reconfiguration. In order to be more compatible with mobile payments and net-free payments, the SmartRaiden team has analyzed and designed the new version of the smart contract this week and reconstructed the 0.3 version of the SC architecture. The new version of the contract includes Withdraw functionality, cooperativeSettle and other functions. Compared with existing contracts, the new contract is more gas efficient and has improved functionality.


  1. Designed Withdraw/unlock and other core functions. The new version of the contract has been greatly enhanced in terms of its function implementation. Compared with version 0.3, the Withdraw function supports not closing the channel, and Unlock supports batch unlocking. In addition, specific parameters have been introduced into signature authentication to prevent replay attacks, while parameter transfers are used instead of partial chain storage to reduce Gas consumption.


  1. Automatic testing and third-party testing have further deepened the verification processes. In order to verify the security and stability of the 0.3 version in a variety of scenarios, the automatic testing continues to build new conditions to verify the results of the transfer, and the third-party lends validity to the security of the test under abnormal conditions. Later, further testing will verify the stability of transactions under complex simultaneous scenarios.

SmartMesh APP

In order to further optimize the APP experience, the APP team has made improvements to both  iOS and Android systems.


The specifics are:

IOS version:

  1. Optimized picture caching to save user traffic.
  2. Adjusted the camera configuration, now the camera can pop up faster.

Android version APP:

  1. SDK upgraded to version 8.
  2. Added the special rights granting mechanism for the app.
  3. Notification bar, photo taking, photo adapted for version 8.


Market Action

The work of the marketing team this week revolved mainly around branding and promotion, with SmartMesh founder Henry Wang attending numerous events while the team carried out PR through multiple channels. The team also opened SmartMesh official financial accounts that are specialized for the blockchain industry.


The specifics are:

  1. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, attended the “World Blockchain Conference” in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China on June 30th.


  1. Henry was also invited to participate in an online interview in Zhejiang on July 3rd, and the market team supported.


  1. Henry was invited to participate in the first phase of a HuoBi TECH live broadcast, which underscores the perceived value of SmartMesh.
  2. The marketing team opened SmartMesh official accounts related to blockchain currency and media and released project related information to the public for better understanding.


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Thanks for keeping track of the SmartMesh project, please stay tuned next week for another edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.  See you then!


* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time



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