SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.06.25–2018.06.29)

In the quick span of 5 consecutive days and more than 100 hours, the SmartMesh team is in the midst of a whirlwind tour of Manila, Shanghai and Wuzhen, demonstrating SmartMesh’s technological prowess in each locale to enthusiastic crowds eager to learn about the blockchain-based mesh network project.

SmartMesh Founder Henry Wang’s speeches have been well received not only by the general audience but also by senior government and business representatives. Please read on for all the details of the trip and the progress of the project.

Technical Developments


Through extended meticulous measurements and observations, the public chain team have finally discovered the rule for block spacing and network bifurcation. The team has now begun to make adjustments accordingly to block spacing and is deploying an upgrade program to eliminate network bifurcations. The above work will be carried out on the public chain test network. After testing the feasibility of network verification, the upgrade program will be formally applied to the main network.

The team is also carrying out public chain operation tests on the MeshBox test machine, recording its running state, and subsequent adjustments are being made according to its operating condition.

They also discussed practical steps that can be taken with the public chain framework with American experts. The public chain will combine with and utilize SmartRaiden to realize cross-chain connections with Raiden on the Ethereum chain , and ultimately connect all Raiden enabled chains and ecosystems. This is a very innovative idea, so the public chain team needs to move forward steadily.

The team has added the function of clearing block data for the Ozone debug menu. Once block data is no longer synchronized, users can clean existing blocks through this function and download new block data to continue use.

The public chain team has added the anti-opening function of Ozone under the Windows and Linux operating systems, ensuring that only one Ozone client can be opened at a time on the same computer. This avoids data asynchrony caused by multiple Ozones being run simultaneously and ensures its safe and stable operation.

In addition, the public chain team has optimized the code of the NodeState and ObserveTransaction modules to increase Ozone stability.


Based on a security analysis of the internet-free state, the SmartRaiden team has re-designed the internet-free SmartRaiden boot process. In the new startup logic, the MediatedTransfer is no longer used in internet-free mode, but DirectTransfer is used instead to ensure that SmartRaiden is safe to make transfers when there is no network being used.

The SmartRaiden team has also researched and developed a detection system to further improve the SmartRaiden automatic testing function. The team modularized the recovery of various causes and incorporated automatic detection and automatic innovation procedures. When the system detects crashes, it will automatically create new transaction channels for the first time to ensure transaction safety.

Third-party service tests are still ongoing, testing documents are now being perfected, and follow-ups will be designed to build scenarios and translate them into automated testing to improve the security of third-party services.

SmartMesh APP

This week, the SmartMesh App was updated to version 2.0.4. In the new version, the concept of “practical” is everywhere.

The APP team added private key upgrade instructions to facilitate queries and understanding to users who do not know much about the private key system. Also the ability to blacklist other users has been added. If someone is harassing a user, they can block them on the app and report them to the SmartMesh Team.

At the same time, the maturing technology of internet-free connections is directly reflected in the APP functionality. In the new version, the maximum number of multiple files able to be sent has been increased to 15, which is three times that of the previous version.

Market Action

SmartMesh’s high-profile appearances at three conferences this week is a clear indication of a push not just to market through media, but to show up to real events with real people and personally deliver the message of what the future can hold with SmartMesh technology.

Henry Wang, Founder of SmartMesh, delivers a speech

It takes a lot of energy and patience to deal with a non-stop flow of visitors at the conference booth but the SmartMesh Team members who showed up never missed a beat as they talked with blockchain enthusiasts all day long about all the details of the rapidly evolving SmartMesh project.

SmartMesh Team on the scene conversing with the crowd
Showing off how MeshBox will play a role in the SmartMesh Ecosystem

As you read this, members of the marketing team are working hard to prepare for the “World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen” where SmartMesh Founder Henry Wang will have a dialogue with heavyweight guests such as Liu Cixin and Chang Xia in a round table meeting.

The SmartMesh project attracts much attentio

Concluding Remarks: Not long ago, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, publicly expressed that multi-hop networks and paid wireless access hotspots are two areas where blockchain technology has great potential. As the SmartMesh project rolls out its full ecosystem with MeshBox, these areas are now becoming realities.

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