SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.06.11 – 2018.06.15)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.06.11 – 2018.06.15)

The tetra-annual World Cup Tournament has arrived again! The energy and excitement of the intensely followed world football (soccer) contest has spread amongst the members of the SmartMesh Team. The office suddenly feels like a stadium, and completing work tasks like precious opportunities to score goals.

As motivation permeates the project, the public chain team has made new research and development breakthroughs, and the cooperation of the SmartRaiden Team and the APP Team is progressing smoothly.

The arrival of the World Cup Tournament is not just about football, but also SmartMesh! By the time the next World Cup rolls around in 2022, the SmartMesh Ecosystem will have already spread around the globe!  On that note, here is the latest SmartMesh Weekly Update.  We have integrated some new styles into this one and hope you like them.

Technical Developments


The public chain team adjusted the time interval of Spectrum, which is of great significance to the development of the public chain, effectively eliminating the bifurcation of its network. Adjusting the block time interval will increase the security of the public chain further by increasing network stability, which is the top priority of the team.

In view of public chain security, the public chain team also discussed and formulated further security measures. In order to test the results of the discussion, the public chain team reached out to international blockchain industry testing companies. These testing companies can launch simulated attacks on the public chain to thoroughly test its security.

As for Ozone, the public chain team set out to collect feedback after the Ozone-v0.3 release. The overall feedback was good, with some subtle suggestions given.  All the valuable recommendations will be reflected in the Ozone-v0.4 version release.

Attracting DAPP development into the public chain ecosystem is the source of great value for Ozone, so the public chain team has begun to try out all the various DAPP integration methods under discussion. Finding the most reasonable and effective integration methods will not only increase the value of Ozone, but also enable the public chain to have a robust array of applications.


The SmartRaiden 0.3 version design scheme has been completed, and the SmartRaiden Team has been doing research and development, and some functions are already underway as the application heads toward realization. The XMPP Server transcoding design involves several interfaces, and the SmartRaiden Team is working with the APP team to reach its target according to plan.

The SmartRaiden Team also carried out the design of the third-party agent settlement function, designed a test scheme for it and built the testing environment.  It has tested a series of R&D developments related to the third-party functionality, the public chain, the APP and SmartRaiden in general. The third-party service can be fully implemented this week, and then follow-up improvements will be targeted.

In order to ensure the stable operation of SmartRaiden, its mobile interface has been replaced. In the future, it will no longer use HTTP, but function through API calls. These new changes have enabled SmartRaiden to enter a new chapter.

SmartMesh APP

The APP team has repaired the situation that there could be a small chance of locking multiple files when using internet-free mode. The solution of this problem will make the APP run smoothly and more securely. Meanwhile, the APP team also trimmed the high gas consumption mode problem in transfers.  After SMT has been mapped, transfer gas will use public chain currency SMT, which is more economical than other gas used worldwide.

Feedback has indicated that the APP has an interface cycle refresh problem after the calls for the balance fail, and the APP team has properly solved this problem.

Market Action

On the international side, new talent with multiple language skills will soon be joining the team bringing more power and tools with which to spread the SmartMesh message of connecting the unconnected around the world.

Now that World Cup 2018 has commenced in Russia, the SmartMesh World Cup Twitter Tournament has launched in Tandem.  All you need to do is snap a few images of people using the app while watching World Cup games, and you can win SMT prize giveaways.  You can check out all the details below.


In addition to that, community development and new recruitment initiatives are ongoing as we speak.

Activity Preview

Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, will attend the Twelfth Shanghai Gold Conference and First Blockchain forum on June 28th.

Concluding remarks:

As teams from all around the world are competing for the World Cup trophy, SmartMesh is competing to connect all areas of the world with a next generation tokenized blockchain-based mesh network ecosystem.  May the best team win!  And may the Mesh be with you!

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