SmartMesh App Fraud Alert!

[SmartMesh Official Notice]

Please be on guard against a fake SmartMesh APP and its associated fraud!

On the morning of June 12, 2018, the SmartMesh Foundation received reports from many users, who said that someone had copied the SmartMesh APP and used the name of SMT to make a phishing operation. It has been verified that there is indeed an anonymous team imitating the SmartMesh APP, and suspected of fraud.

The team not only stole the SmartMesh APP’s Logo, project introduction and other content, but also plagiarized the latest SmartMesh Weekly Update, hoping to increase the credibility of the fake SmartMesh APP. The team’s behavior has been a serious threat to market security. Once an unsuspecting investor deposits SMT into the fake version of the SmartMesh APP, or the private key of the digital wallet is introduced into the fake APP, there will be a very high possibility of SMT theft.

The SmartMesh Foundation has already communicated with the website hosting the fake version of the SmartMesh APP, demanding that they take the fake app down immediately.

During these times, the SmartMesh Foundation reminds you to remain vigilant, and not download unidentified and unverified files haphazardly.  If you need to download the official wallet, please only use the official SmartMesh App link on the SmartMesh website listed here:

In addition, all news and announcements regarding the SmartMesh project should be sourced from official channel information, and be wary of the spread of false information through internet news. If you need help, please contact your community administrator.  The SmartMesh Foundation thanks you for your support and understanding.

SmartMesh Foundation

June 12, 2018

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