SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.06.04 – 2018.06.08)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.06.04 – 2018.06.08)

The recent public demonstration of SmartRaiden internet-free payment technology has given the world a glimpse of the strong technological force present in SmartMesh. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. When the whole ecosystem is completed, SmartMesh will make the blockchain 4.0 world a reality!

This week, the SmartMesh team moved forward rapidly stoking the motivation of the team members. SmartMesh has more than enough resilience to not be phased by market turmoil and step by step is rolling out what it set out to do in the original whitepaper’s plans.

Technical Developments


This week, the public chain team conducted an omni-directional test on Spectrum public chain security issues to ensure that it was not affected by them after the mapping was completed.

Last week, various people reached out to the team asking for resources that can help them better understand the Spectrum chain. Therefore, the team started to write the Spectrum public chain whitepaper, with the goal of helping you better understand the value of the public chain from the perspective of an authoritative and detailed text. Because the public chain whitepaper contains a great deal of content, it will take some time to complete. Please look out for its publication in the near future.

The public chain team has made new breakthroughs in the research and development of Ozone, and Ozone 0.3.0 version has made a smooth debut. The new version’s arrival is not only an affirmation of the public chain team’s strength in R&D, but also a sign that Ozone has entered a new stage of development expanding further from its initial conception as a multi-functional gateway to the Spectrum ecosystem.

Ozone progress this week:

1) Fixed issue with modifying the UI language of the application menu.

2) Completed the release / view / call / export / import / delete / add functions of smart contracts.

3) Improved Windows packaging, now supports one button installation and operation.

4) Updated the I18N UI resource file.

5) Officially released the Ozone-0.3.0 version.

Unwittingly, Ozone has been developing under the steady hand of the public chain team and has attracted the attention of blockchain techies around the world. Although Ozone is still in a fast growth stage, the team believes that Ozone will spread waves of positive energy all across the globe as the Spectrum ecosystem takes hold and scales out.


It has been previously mentioned that SmartRaiden has been designed for operation on mobile devices. The latest changes mainly take into account the impact of individual differences in mobile devices on SmartRaiden’s operation.

This week, the SmartRaiden team began to implement the new design plan. For mobile users, a new startup process which can better adjust to different models of mobile phones has been implemented, ensuring that the starting link is more stable. At the same time, the SmartRaiden team also carried out a 0.3 version new contract deployment and API test.

SmartRaiden nodes, which are divided into mobile and fixed nodes, have also been adjusted for improved stability. In the future, the fixed nodes will be used as the main transfer nodes, and the message server network, which is mainly dependent on communication between nodes, will be adjusted from P2P to XMPP.

As a result of these adjustments, any hiccups for SmartRaiden working across various mobile devices and platforms will be reduced to a minimum.

SmartMesh APP

As the SmartMesh App gains more and more users, it is not only the task, but the mission, of the App team to provide a great experience for all that utilize the app.

Just this week, the APP team upgraded the SmartMesh APP to provide a more “humanized” experience.

The upgrades are:

  1. Display local nickname on profile images and improve user experience when modifying them.
  2. Optimized exit and add MID prompt box UI, to be more user friendly.
  3. Internationalized text content for better overall experience.
  4. Optimized the message transmission logic.

Market Action

International Market Trends

This week, the work of the international marketing team focused on global marketing.

With the rapid development of blockchain technology in the world, various countries have begun to develop a new generation of this practical technology. Against this background, the international marketing team has been publicizing SmartMesh through global cooperative media, conveying the innovative idea of SmartMesh pushing blockchain beyond the borders of the internet, and into the Mesh. Fortunately, we have received lots of positive feedback from the community this week.

We have communicated recently with our friendly partner OKEx exchange, and the exchange has opened SMT’s withdrawals, and other exchanges will follow suit soon.

Meanwhile, the international marketing team began sending out the SMT Awards from the Spectrum celebration on June 1, 2018. This SMT is not an ERC20 based token, so it no longer supports the Ethereum wallet transfers and requires the official SMT wallet to make them.

You can easily import an Eth address into the SMT Wallet and still use your Spectrum SMT Tokens if you have them on an Ethereum wallet. If you just want to check on your reward, you can go to the block chain browser

Note: Before the Spectrum mapping takes place, please do not deposit the public chain SMT on any exchange.

China Market

In order to create a more positive community atmosphere, the Chinese marketing team has established some community rules. This set of group rules is mainly aimed at advertisers, malicious dishonest people and personal attackers, and does not limit the normal communication between community friends.

The Chinese community administrator award has been released this June 8, 2018. We believe that the community administrators will also help the Chinese market team to create a better community atmosphere.

Concluding Remarks

The advent of the Internet has drawn people closer together, but it cannot really connect everyone.  In order to truly have worldwide network coverage, a more agile, scalable and decentralized solution is required.  That solution is the SmartMesh ecosystem.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

* All times mentioned in this article refer Singapore times

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