SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.05.14 – 2018.05.18)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.05.14 – 2018.05.18)

The SmartMesh Team has attracted lots of global attention lately and the project is making great new strides.  Please take a few minutes now to read through all the latest news and updates and share the links with your friends and communities so they can get to speed with the projece as well.

So without further ado, here is this week’s report:

Technical Developments


In last week’s weekly report, the public chain team analyzed network monitoring, node statistics and other functionality, and began to start a follow-up project to ensure the safety of the public chain. Now this has been fully implemented.

This week, the public chain team began to increase password protection functionality for public chain nodes, which means that each of the common chain nodes will have an independent password after the work is completed. Even if a hacker breaks into a single node, they won’t be able to control all nodes at the same time. This will reduce the danger of a hack to the lowest level possible.

The public chain team has also begun to study sharding technology, and also begun to prepare to expand the network storage capacity on the public chain. As we all know, the future Spectrum ecosystem will carry a large number of projects, so network storage capacity expansion work needs to be carried out ahead of schedule. The public chain team will focus on this to ensure that all DAPPs intended to be deployed on Spectrum can realize their goals.

This week, Ozone R & D is still focused on user experience. The public chain team is now optimizing Ozone based on analysis of users from a number of high quality international projects.

The specific developments and modification are as follows:

1) Improved password verification logic when creating accounts.

2) Improved the transfer function, added balance check function, and prohibited surplus.

3) Added transactions list and ability to click on the transaction details.

4) Added QR Code display for wallet address.

5) Right click for menu Internationalization.

6) The language handover function has been moved to the application menu.

7) Added account import function.

8) Optimized the transaction module back-end processing logic.

9) Added smart contract publishing function.

At present, Ozone 0.2.0 version has been released, and the weekly update will continue to bring you all the latest updates on its development.


This week, the SmartRaiden team has been given a heavy load. But they have pushed on through and achieved what they set out to do.

The SmartRaiden team and APP team have been working together on the SmartRaiden API docking functionality. According to the APP page, the SmartRaiden team will provide the API and corresponding instructions to ensure that the SmartRaiden can dock up with the APP properly. Meanwhile, SmartRaiden can also cooperate with the APP to carry out demos of money transfer functionality whether there is network service present or not.

The cooperation between the SmartRaiden team and the public chain team is also making progress. We continue to carry out crash recovery tests on the Spectrum private chain, and compare the test results under the conditions of “none” and “ICE”, analyze the synchronization of local data and correct the state after the crash recovery, to find the sources of the problems and and solve them.

On the other hand, the smart settlement function for third-party agents has entered the assembly and debugging stage. The SmartRaiden team is further optimizing the code implementation. After the optimization, SmartRaiden will better sync with third-party smart settlement functionality, which will ensure its stable operation.

SmartMesh APP

This week, the APP team experienced a sudden workload surge. Of key importance has been the docking of the App with SmartRaiden, to organize a reasonable layout of functional pages for it.

In addition, the APP team has modified individual App functions. Optimizing the loading functionality for SmartMesh group user headshots and changing the data processing method are the most obvious changes.

Now that many people have downloaded and started to use the SmartMesh APP, so now everyone can leave their comment below and we will take your feedback into account. After all, the app is the driving force of our team and the users are the driving force behind the app.

Market Action

International Market

This week, the main task of the international marketing team was to publicize the SmartMesh project. During the period when SMT had suspended trading, some media had distorted the situation or smeared SmartMesh because they did not either did not understand the project or had ulterior motives. In order to let more blockchain fans get a better grasp of what the SmartMesh project is all about, the international marketing team has been busy at work publishing numerous articles across global media outlets.

SmartMesh will remain truthful and accurate about the scope of its technology , and it will not allow any falsifying information to tarnish the project either. If you have friends who are curious about SmartMesh, please invite them to join the SmartMesh community and tell them to read our Whitepaper.

The international marketing team has come across many projects or teams that plagiarize and copy SmartMesh concepts. In this regard, SmartMesh would like to put forth that we welcome all to join our ecosystem for the betterment of planet earth assuming that you recognize our technology for what it is.  But if we find plagiarism, fraud or violation of any IP, SmartMesh will defend its rights and go after any offenders.

Finally, in order to celebrate the formal launch of the Spectrum public chain, the international marketing team is holding a bunch of activities. Please pay attention to official announcements for all specific details.

Chinese Market

The Chinese marketing team cooperated with the international market team on Weibo to discuss many projects or teams that have plagiarized or counterfeited SmartMesh concepts. Meanwhile, the Spectrum celebration campaign is hot. The Chinese market team has publicized the activities in various communities and introduced the rules for its users.

After a few rough weeks, things are going more smoothly for the Chinese marketing team, and now they will be able to focus with a clearer mind on communicating with their members and promoting Smartmesh to the Chinese market.

In addition, at 8 p. m. on May 18th, Mr. Wang Qiheng, the founder of SmartMesh, visited Token Club speaking on the theme of “SMT: Building a Parallel Internet World with Spectrum Blockchain 4.0 “. The Spectrum SMT Airdrop event started simultaneously.

Activity Preview:

  1. SmartMesh Founder Henry Wang, will be talking about development planning for SMT and the global blockchain industry to enthusiasts on Huobi Talk in late May.
  2. On May 24th, 2018 SmartMesh and MeshBox will fully display landing applications at the Vietnam blockchain Huobi event. The demo will feature an SMT and MeshBox demonstration that showcases SmartRaiden net-free payments paid via the M2M Internet of Things.

Concluding remarks:

Recently we’ve received positive feedback regarding this weekly update saying that it was both clear and rich in content.  We hope you are getting the most out of it, and value your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts.  Thanks in advance and please tune in again next week to get all the latest news and updates.  And don’t forget to drop in to our Telegram groups to get some free SMT Tokens at the ongoing Airdrop!

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