SmartMesh Weekly Update May 11th, 2018

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.05.07 – 2018.05.11)

Hello SmartMesh Community! Welcome to the latest edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.

At present, major exchanges have gradually resumed SMT transactions, and SMT is catching the attention of the public’s eye again.

The team has been just as eager as everyone else for transactions to resume, and after many consultations and communications, SMT’s transactions are gradually returning to normal after a long and challenging two weeks.

Now SmartMesh will march on steadily into the future until the blockchain Mesh network has connected all of the whole world.

Technical Developments


The public chain team has been hard at work and most recently has been analyzing the public chain since its launch.  Code reviews and optimizations have also been ongoing to ensure that everything progresses along smoothly.

In order to further strengthen the security of the public chain, the team also has conducted analysis and research on network monitoring and node statistic functionality, and has begun to start work on a follow-up project. In the future, Spectrum security will also be upgraded, so as to ensure that DAPPs built upon it can operate safely.

The development of Ozone is also ongoing. The public chain team is committed to making Ozone’s user experience top priority, so we have made some changes in the details.

The latest developments and modifications are as follows:

1) Updated account import functionality.

2) Updated windows compiling and packing environment.

3) Updated synchronization of block progress display.

4) Corrections to Bill details, menu globalization bug fix.

If Blockchain 4.0 is a treasure house full of infinite possibilities, Ozone is the key that will open the door and gain access to them. Creating this magic key is no small task and will test the strength and prowess of the public chain team. Soon we will all be able to see the key open the door.


The normal operation of this payment system is not only related to the ecosystem, but also to the security of the funds it is transferring. So this week, SmartRaiden carried out a number of tests on Spectrum chain failure scenarios. The testing mainly included failures to send messages and the breakdown of ACK messages as well as similar issues.

After testing, the SmartRaiden team gained the ability to realize timely recovery in crash scenarios. However, the SmartRaiden team believes avoiding crashes from the outset is much more important than being able to recover from them after the fact, so the team plans to add a real-time monitoring function for malware and liabilities in subsequent research and development to ensure the stable operation of the SmartRaiden around the clock.

In addition, the SmartRaiden Team also carried out a test on smartphones, and the next phase of development will modify the application to these test results so that SmartRaiden runs flawlessly on smartphones.

SmartMesh APP

The biggest highlight this week for the App team was to add Mobile Raiden functionality to the SmartMesh APP. This is a very exciting milestone and the team is super-psyched about it.

In addition, the APP has also had these other optimizations:

  1. Optimized the message reception mechanism to handle lots of messages with high concurrency.
  2. Enhanced user data compatibility to better handle user information displays in both scenarios with internet access and without internet access to enhance user experience.
  3. Improved the transmission of large data packages in internet-free mode, and effectively improved the speed and quality of transmission.
  4. Optimized the chat interface memo friend’s head and memo name display.
  5. Optimized the interface of the Discovery feature.

The SmartMesh APP has been the first ever to combine with SmartRaiden. When it is completed, we will have the first APP in the world to support red gift money envelopes off the blockchain.  This is a hugely popular feature in China and we think it will catch on worldwide.

Market Action

International Market

This week, the main task of the International Marketing Team was to communicate with the major exchanges to ensure SMT’s recovery as soon as possible. Because of the time lag between some exchanges and Singapore, the team had to work around the clock to see through all the necessary communications to restore transactions for SMT. Thanks to these efforts has decided to conduct several promotional activities including “SMT Trade Ranking Competition” and “New User Exclusive SMT Bonus” to get SMT trading back in full gear.

Ramping up with major third-party digital wallet providers to ensure that the SMT Token was labelled properly was also a major task for the team this week. However, a lot of third-party wallets only communicate via e-mail, so it was a challenging task.  In the end, the results have been satisfactory as most of the major wallets have made sure that SMT is properly labelled.

China Market

On May 10th, 2018, Henry Wang, Founder of SmartMesh, was invited to participate in the “Global Blockchain Investment Forum”.  During the meeting, Henry shared the progress of SmartMesh application and as well as all of its future prospects.

Henry also mentioned that currently existing blockchain projects are done via the Internet, but SmartMesh can build connections in areas without access to Internet, allowing blockchains to break through Internet boundaries, and this can be called blockchain 4.0.

This week, the Chinese market team has been busy as usual, spending a great part of its energy to answer questions from the holders about the resumption of SMT transactions.  This was no easy task as investors were anxious to get back trading.  But they made every effort to strike a balance between being straightforward and comforting as we all weathered the storm together.

Activity Preview:

Public Chain Online Activities

The SmartMesh Spectrum public chain ecosystem has launched! This will kick off a month of celebration, including lots of exciting SMT giveaways. The event will be staged in several phases over the course of two weeks.

The details are as follows:

1> [Telegram Community] (Scheduled to start during the week of May 14th, exact time TBA)

Activity Brief: New users enter Telegram group to get Spectrum SMT (public chain currency) for free, and get even more SMT for inviting friends to the group.  Wash, rinse and repeat!

2> [WeChat Public Interactive Q & A] (Scheduled to start around May 16th, exact time TBA)

Activity Brief: Answer quiz questions correctly, get an entry in a lucky draw, guaranteed to win SMT or prizes!

3> [Weibo Activities] Weibo will have a lucky draw and looks forward to app scenario evaluations. (expected to start around May 20th, exact time TBA)

4> [Twitter Activities] A contest for best Spectrum DApp ideas will be held with great prizes! (expected to start around May 24th, exact time TBA)

* Activity times may be adjusted, we will let you know if there are any changes. Thank you for your support.

SMT & HuoBi Joint Promotion

In order to celebrate the Spectrum launch and long-time cooperation between SmartMesh and HuoBi, joint promotions will be held between the two companies.  Here are the details:

1> [SMT TOP20 Trading Prize Giveaways]

Activity Brief: Users of the newly registered Huobi Pro, who have successfully registered and traded SMT, can get SMT awards according to the volume of transactions during the activity.

2> [New Users get SMT Bonus]

Activity Brief: Successful registration and SMT transaction volume TOP20 can get corresponding SMT awards.

Details of specific activities are detailed in the official announcement here:

Live Streaming Activities

On Friday, May 18th at 8 p. m., SmartMesh Founder Henry Wang is invited to participate in the TokenClub online live stream, discussing the theme – SMT: Building a Parallel Internet in the world with blockchain 4.0 Spectrum.  Check it out if you can!

In addition, the cooperation between SMT and the Huobi platform is announced as follows:

1> SmartMesh Founder Wang Qiheng, will be looking forward to discussing the development and planning of SMT and blockchain globally at the Huobi Talk in late May.

2> May 24, 2018 SmartMesh and MeshBox will fully display landing applications on blockchain in Vietnam at an event hosted by HuoBi. The site will hold an SMT and MeshBox demonstration to showcase SmartRaiden and internet-free payments made via the M2M Internet of Things.

Concluding Remarks:

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the SmartMesh Community over the last two weeks but we have all come out of it with our SMT and technology intact!  Now we will boldly press on into the future with our newfound experience and vigor to bring the blockchain 4.0 ecosystem to all corners of the world.

Thank you all for your continued support and stay tuned for more exciting updates next week!

* All times mentioned in this article are Singapore Time

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