SmartMesh Weekly Update May 4th, 2018

SmartMesh Weekly Update May 4th, 2018

Hello SmartMesh Community! Here are the latest highlights in our latest Weekly Update.

The Ozone client has been unveiled, we have a new line of blockchain browsers, and the SmartMesh App wallet functionality has been updated.  Meanwhile, SmartRaiden and MeshBox box are being gradually deployed, as the SmartMesh ecosystem begins to take root in the real world. Finally, the team has been communicating with multiple exchanges to update Tokens and Wallets to shore up any problems stemming from last week’s loophole.

Due to the need to re-launch on-line transactions for the tokens takes coordination between multiple parties and exchanges which is why transactions are not quite back to normal yet. We understand that many are anxious to use the tokens and we are working as hard as we can behind the scenes to restore normalcy.

As far as everything else, here are the latest updates:

Technology Developments

The Public Chain

Spectrum is designed for the interconnection of all things. It supports light nodes and the clients to run on smart equipment. It supports M2M payments and internet-free payments and is the basic public chain of all things interconnected. Spectrum has brought a new dimension of freedom to blockchain. Blockchain 4.0 Spectrum is no longer confined to the Internet.

After thorough development and testing by the tech team, the SmartMesh eco-chain Spectrum launched on April 30, 2018 at 18:00.  After the launch, the team continued to push forward project progress according to plan. This week’s work is summarized as follows:

1) Deployed the service network and completed the main line of the public chain.

2) Completed the code description document, and the installation document.

3) Initially tested the operation of Spectrum on the MeshBox development board.

4) Followed the process of Ethereum’s Casper.

5) Completed and launched the public chain main network blockchain browser development!

The first version of the Ozone client has been released online! The goal of Ozone is to show developers the functions of each module in the Spectrum network infrastructure so that third party developers can easily migrate their services and enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem. This week’s work is as follows:

1) Completed a new UI interface according to the design requirements

2) Realized multilingual handover function of the wallet.

3) Realized the automatic update function of Ozone client.

4) Improved the log module and automatically adjusted log level according to operation environment.

5) Improved the startup interface and updated the user experience of initialization process.

6) Released Ozone-0.1.0 version with the public chain.

You are welcome to download Ozone on Github! Ozone research and development is just beginning, and will steadily push forward from now on in.


This week, the SmartMesh public chain Spectrum was formally launched, and SmartRaiden has been implemented as well. In order to enable SmartRaiden to run steadily on Spectrum and to facilitate convenient Token payments, the SmartRaiden team went all out and focused on functionality tests and third-party service implementation. The work is as follows:

1) SmartRaiden deployed tests on the Spectrum Testnet, performed functional tests on all API projects in turn, set test cases, and analyzed data for exceptions.

2) Further improved the P2P communication ICE module, combed the ICE related code, consolidated code, and reduced unnecessary locks.

3) Cooperated with the public chain team to fix the node authentication module functionality in the signaling server, and reconstructed the module in pure C language.

4) Improved the SmartRaiden specifications and added the API test record.

5) Re-detected and improved smart contracts third-party services, which are more suitable for the current version of SmartRaiden.

6) Implemented delegate signatures and pushed data.

7) Designed the API framework for third-party services, and realized the relevant functions of the geth API interface.

8) Implemented third-party service code, including data structure, event monitoring and storage.


New Spectrum public Chain Wallet SmartMesh App 2.0 is online and available for download!

The SmartMesh App functions as follows:

1) Completed the public chain Wallet transfer, inquiries, and price display function.

2) Compatible with ERC20 wallet transfers, inquiries, and price display functions.

3) Completed the guide experience functionality for the public Chain wallet.

4) The whole wallet UI has been redesigned and developed.

5) Optimized the wallet message notification functionality.

6) The SmartMesh App version V2.0.0 is online.

SmartMesh App’s Token red envelope function is also being designed. Soon you will be able to use SmartRaiden to send SMT red gift envelopes!

Also, the official website has been upgraded, better reflecting the overall concept of the SmartMesh global ecosystem!


International Market

On the morning of May 4th, Kraken, Global VP of Engineering Kraken Yu was invited to the RSK Blockchain Tour event in Dublin, Ireland.

At the meeting, Kraken introduced the SmartMesh ecosystem concept to participants, shared the current technological achievements of MeshBox, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the RSK team. RSK is a Class-A project, and just jointly established the UCCO alliance with SmartMesh, MeshBox and other partners.

China Market Trends

Community Announcement:

To celebrate the SmartMesh public chain Spectrum going online, and thanks to the trust and support of the majority of fans, SmartMesh will soon launch a major SMT give-away event.

1 Telegram

Activity brief: New users enter Telegram group for free, get SMT, invite friends to get more SMT, rinse, wash and repeat!

2 WeChat Quiz

Activity brief: Answer questions correctly, enter lucky draw, 100% chance of winning prizes, and chances to win the mystery prize.

3> WeiBo micro-blog event

4> Twitter event

A series of public chain celebration activities have been planned, and will be officially launched after the resumption of transactions on the related exchanges.

Please pay attention to official announcements for start times of the specific activities.

Market Trends:

Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, will carry out a direct live exchange of SMT development planning and world blockchain development on Huobi Talk after the resumption of SMT trading on Huobi, and give a demo using SMT and MeshBox at the “Vietnam Blockchain Pageant” on May 24th. This will showcase SmartRaiden M2M payments and internet-free payments.

Concluding Remarks:

Regarding Spectrum, here is a quote from Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh:

“This new dimension of network freedom of Spectrum will allow half of the world’s population currently without network access to use a new paradigm of blockchain without needing to wait for a global centralized internet to be built out to them.”

When we look back on the long river of human civilization, we can see that the steam engine connected continents; electricity allows people to walk farther and wider in every corner of the world; computers make new ways of interacting, bring people together, and the blockchain will foster real and new value for human beings. Connections between people have become tightknit and trust and value are now going to be redefined through the chain.

SmartMesh is bringing a new network paradigm to the world.

* All times mentioned in this article are Singapore time

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