SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.06.18 – 2018.06.22)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.06.18 – 2018.06.22

Welcome everyone to the latest edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.  SmartMesh has quite a week coming up as it will be attending three separate events.  These demonstrations really get the core message of SmartMesh across to a widespread audience, so the team attaches great importance to them. Meanwhile the SmartMesh team must also not only ensure the daily progress of the public chain, SmartRaiden, the SmartMesh APP and other projects, but also has to debug the demo functionality in advance to ensure there are no mistakes made.

The workload is huge, but an enthusiastic team is ready and willing to push on through. Everyone knows that this work will lay down the foundation for the road ahead.  So without further ado, let’s delve into the details of the past week’s work.


The Public Chain

The probability of bifurcation occurs when block time intervals are raised. If we understand what is involved in this, then we can have a better grasp of the running state of the public chain. However, Spectrum is the first public chain Mesh network ecosystem in the world. There is no precedent for running cutting-edge network like this. Therefore, the public chain team has developed a practical set of metrics to record its actual state and determine its laws of existence.

The public chain team has also improved the logic of the designated block upgrade, which makes the common chain consistency algorithm more scientific; meanwhile a modification of the debug module will give public chain users more leverage to operate.

When SmartMesh is deployed, the Spectrum public chain will be responsible for storing information that reaches global distribution. The public chain team hopes that every optimization can enable Spectrum to better support the interconnection of all things, and truly become the world’s leading public blockchain.

The public chain team has added adjustable sliders to the Ozone contract generator, which means that Ozone has entered a new stage allowing adjustable Gas/data packing speed proportions. Just like on the Ethereum chain, the more Gas one commits to a transfer, the faster the validation. When data packets need to be queued, the Gas will be packaged first. So, keep your eyes open for the next version of Ozone.

The public chain team also added an Ozone log export function in the debug menu, which allows the team to detect Ozone’s running state. When needed, the public chain team can now log out and check all the details of Ozone’s operation status.

Finally, R&D and the configuration of DAPPs need to be carried out in the Spectrum public chain test network, so the public chain team has increased Ozone’s main network and test network switching function.


The SmartRaiden team has been developing the 0.3 version of SmartRaiden, and the subscription transaction function has been realized. This feature includes token types and transaction success, which will give users a better understanding of SmartRaiden’s payment dynamics. The team has also analyzed and improved the Raiden network contract to make it more practical.

The testing and deployment of third party services is also progressing smoothly. The SmartRaiden team further perfected the automatic testing function, then converted the crash recovery scenario into an automatic test and generated the code, which can effectively verify transaction process security.

In the present state of things, projects like SmartRaiden that can run on mobile devices and execute sub-chain transfers are rare, and it is only through focus and thorough R&D that the project can progress as there is no textbook to follow.


The App team is working hard to enhance the practicability of the App and striving to bring users a first-class user experience.

To achieve this goal, the App team modified the chat interface logic to make the refresh feature more fluid. Modifying batch message storage logic helps to achieve faster performance and gives a smoother experience. Modifications have also been made to avoid a “black screen” issue and the wallet functionality has been tweaked to make it more accurate.

All these optimizations reflect the spirit of the App team as whole, and now you can be on the lookout for the release of the next version of the App next week.


The newly recruited multi-lingual employees will add diversity and efficiency to the team. At present, the marketing team’s reach extends to English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French and Korean, and now Russian will be added to the repoirtoire.  Now the marketing team will have much more throttle to push its agenda of promoting the SmartMesh project globally.

[Activity Preview]

On June 24th, Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, will attend the “Global Blockchain Summit”, held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and conduct a field demo of SmartMesh technology.

On June 28th, Henry will attend the twelfth Shanghai gold conference and the first blockchain forum.

From June 29th to 30th, SmartMesh will participate in the “World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen”. There Henry will attend a round table meeting on the afternoon of June 30th talking with heavyweight guests such as Liu Cixin and Chang Jia.

Concluding Remarks:

SmartMesh has the power to transcend all other blockchain projects, but it is a gradual process.  If you are keeping an eye on the SmartMesh project, you are about to see more visual and profound changes in the coming months.  So have a great week and STAY TUNED for the next edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore Time.

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