SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.04.16 – 2018.04.20)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.04.16 – 2018.04.20)

The SmartMesh team remains focused on project R&D, striving to make strong progress and gaining momentum. Recently, many have commented on the growth of the SmartMesh Weekly Update in recent months. In fact, the SmartMesh team looks forward to putting together the release of the update every week. Through this weekly report, we can convey all the details and highlights of our progress and efforts. So here is the latest edition:

Technical Developments


The problem mentioned last week between Nonces and blocks was solved this week. But rather than just putting it to rest, the public chain team chose to carry out continuous tests all week, and the results have shown that everything is working properly. The team will maintain very high inspection standards to ensure the Spectrum chain is a top-quality technology.

The public chain team has also reconstructed the computing logic for gas limits and deployed it on the Spectrum testing network. The public chain team will continually observe Spectrum’s performance to ensure its non-stop stable operation.

Now that half of April has passed, the team knows that everyone is eagerly anticipating the Spectrum Main Chain to go public. It has been announced that the Release version of the public chain will be placed on the testnet on April 23, 2018, leaving us only one step away from the official launch of the main network.  If all goes well, the public chain team will complete this work by the end of April.

Being a new focus of recent R & D, Ozone has made major changes this week. The public chain team hopes that this new module can excel in tandem with the Spectrum public chain.

The specific developments and modifications are as follows:

1) Updated the Transaction Restore function.

2) Redefined and moved IPC communication events to a single file.

3) Updated the Identicon component, and now seed attributes accept account addresses lowercase format uniformly.

4) Repaired the transfer.vue page bug.

5) Updated the internationalization of I18N resource files, transaction lists and transaction item components.

6) Updated db-manager, logger and settings component code.

Although Ozone is still in its initial stage of development, the public chain team has high hopes for it. When the Spectrum public chain is officially launched, Ozone will become the gateway to the Spectrum public chain for developers to easily migrate their services into it. For this reason,Ozone will be the focus of the next stage of development for the public chain team, and its gradual improvement will attract a diversity of services and functionality for the Spectrum public chain.

Here’s a sneak preview of what the UI map design for Ozone might look like. When Ozone is officially published, the actual application interface will be far more advanced and aesthetically pleasing than it is now, this is just an early prototype.



On April 17, 2018, at Singapore’s “Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference”, SmartMesh founder Wang Qiheng announced that SmartRaiden will be open-source technology.

As a key project for SmartMesh, after the SmartMesh public chain is officially launched, SmartRaiden will be deployed for the first time, and then all projects on the Spectrum chain ecosystem can use it to facilitate convenient token payments.  Although it is now open source, this does not mean that the continued optimization of SmartRaiden will be terminated.

This week, the SmartRaiden team made the document standardization specifications for the project open source, and made targeted modifications and supplements to project instructions and code comments to make it easy for SmartRaiden users to get on with the technology.

The SmartRaiden team has also made two adjustments. Go-json-rest is used to replace beego to realize REST API and rewrite the interface implementation part. The significance of this modification is that ‘rest’ takes less resources and is more suitable for mobile devices; the point to point communication protocol based on ICE (RFC 5245) has been reimplemented in pure Go language, which will effectively resolve the cross-platform problem for SmartRaiden.

The SmartRaiden team has also analyzed the dispute handling mechanism of the new standard secretregister contract and evaluated feasible schemes and processes for dispute handling. Follow up service solutions for third parties are also being worked out.

SmartMesh APP

This week, the APP team focused on optimizing the wallet functionality in the SmartMesh APP, enabling it to better serve the Spectrum Token (SMT).

The App wallet modifications is as follows:

  1. Wallet account page UI revision.
  2. Added recording function for transfer transactions.
  3. Added switching function of assets between RMB and US Dollars.
  4. Added token name modification function.

At present, the focus of the APP team is shifting to App wallet functionality.

Market Action

International Activity

On April 17, 2018 – 18, SmartMesh founder Wang Qiheng led the team to jointly attend the “Global Inclusive Blockchain Summit” held in Singapore and demonstrated Mesh distributed communications that utilize the SmartMesh protocol in a live demo right at the venue. SmartMesh’s self-developed digital money payment technology SmartRaiden was also announced to be available as open source technology on the same day.

SmartMesh also announced the establishment of the UCCO in conjunction with several well-known project teams from around the world. The UCCO will be known as the UNIVERSAL CONNECTIVITY AND CONSENSUS ORGANIZATION, whose members are currently composed of SmartMesh, MeshBox, RSK, Dcntral, Mesh++, Stealth Grid and MATRIX.  These organizations make for a potent combination, and the joint forces of RSK and SmartMesh as a dual team will also bring powerful industry-wide changes, as SmartMesh Founder Wang Qiheng and RSK founder Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar (pictured below) are very consistent with their concepts for future network development.

Chinese Market Activity

This week, the Chinese market has been quite a lively scene, and the team has written and published more than twenty SmartMesh articles in one week, greatly promoting the influence of SmartMesh in the Chinese market. This high-intensity publicity campaign will continue allowing more and more people to understand the value of SmartMesh and its related technologies.

The first selected SmartMesh teams helped the Chinese market team to carry out project publicity across media platforms and even were actively engaged in writing original articles. The output and dissemination of the contents have all achieved good results. We’re really looking forward to their follow-up performance, as we continue to ride out this week’s wave of success!

Meanhwhile, the first batch of SmartMesh awards and SmartMesh exclusive series t-shirts were given out on April 16th.

Concluding Remarks

In Singapore, SmartMesh impressed the world at the Global Inclusive Blockchain Summit, but team members will still have to make great efforts to ensure the future success of the Spectrum public chain. After all, the Spectrum public chain is of great significance to the SmartMesh ecosystem, so it must be maintained with precision and care.

The momentum of SmartMesh is building, so tell your friends and family to read the Weekly Update too so they can catch the wave.  Thanks, and see you next week!

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