SmartMesh Weekly Update 13 April 2018

SmartMesh Weekly (2018.04.09 – 2018.04.13)

Greetings SmartMesh Community!  It’s been another week full of energy and activity for the SmartMesh project and everything involved in it.  Let’s dive right into the details:

Technical Updates


This week, the testing of the public chain is still ongoing. The team found that one node appeared to be functioning abnormally and it is being assessed. Although it’s only a small problem, the team wants Spectrum to be presented to the public in an optimal state. After all, the Spectrum chain will support the whole SmartMesh ecosystem so the team will scrutinize every detail to make sure the ship is running smoothly.

Coming soon will be the release of the public chain that everyone is anticipating.

The public chain team engaged in preliminary discussions regarding the docking process for Spectrum and MeshBox within the ecosystem, and envisaged several fast and efficient possibilities for implementing the process.

SmartMesh Founder Henry Wang recently helped to define Ozone saying its goal is to show developers the functions of each module in the Spectrum network infrastructure so that third-party developers can easily transplant their services to enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem.

Here are the latest Ozone developments and modifications:

  1. New file log function.
  2. New animation displays digital components.
  3. Modified the account store cache function.
  4. The main process has added the StoreManager function.
  5. The wallet interface automatically refreshes the list and balance of the account.
  6. The wallet interface has added history of recent transfers.
  7. Added TransactionList, TransactionItem and AnimateNumber components.
  8. New StoreManager and ObserveManager modules have been added.

Ozone R&D has just gotten off to a start. After the Spectrum main network goes online, the public chain team will shift their focus to Ozone to ensure that the SmartMesh ecosystem will have a robust diversity in the future.


This week, the SmartRaiden team has successfully charged the intermediate routing nodes.

In order to ensure the simple and effective charging of nodes, the current Mobile Raiden team will integrate the charge standards into a fixed amount. After the Spectrum main network is online, it will gradually increase the functionality of the node owner to modify the amount of the charge.

The SmartRaiden team also discussed third-party services, including the possibility of abusive over usage of the third-party mechanism, third-party service charge standards, and how to assess third-party service credibility

Perhaps by now, if your a seasoned SmartMesh reader, you might have discovered that the original Mobile Raiden Team has been officially renamed the SmartRaiden team. Why do we need to rename it?  Please allow the SmartRaiden Team to temporarily keep the secret.

On April 17th, the answer will be announced!

SmartMesh APP

This week the team modified the SmartMesh app to further enhance functionality and overall user experience.  Here are the changes:

  1. Modified the QR Code scanning transfer logic.
  2. Transferred message reception logic adjusted.
  3. Transaction record database logic adjusted.
  4. Wallet added public chain token functionality.
  5. Gas consumption logic was adjusted;
  6. The wallet has been tested on the public chain network.

The last three items listed above are noteworthy, indicating that APP team has also prepared for the Spectrum (spectrum) main network to go live. After Spectrum goes into action, any App functions related to the public chain will make their debut as well.

Market Action

International Market

Li Guoquan, an iconic Singaporean figure, joined the SmartMesh blockchain project serving as an adviser.

Professor Li Guoquan is one of the most notable figures in the Singapore blockchain industry. The expert from Singapore Xinyue University’s finance and blockchain technology departments began to study blockchain technology in 2012. Professor Li Guoquan has unique personal views in many fields, including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital finance and banking, online banking, , Asian macro-finance, social investment, inclusive finance and global asset allocation.

When blockchain was just gaining visibility, Professor Li Guoquan proposed that “blockchain technology will be a major future influencer” and now his views are being validated. Now, he has chosen to join the SmartMesh team and has taken a deep interest in the SmartMesh ecosystem as a whole.

SmartMesh is gaining more and more international publicity recently as 20 articles have gone out to the press. So keep up with all that’s going on and stay tuned for more developments next week!

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