SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.04.02 – 2018.04.08)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.04.02 – 2018.04.08)

Greetings SmartMesh Community!  After a very short holiday at the end of last week the SmartMesh Team is right back at it.  Here are the latest updates and highlights:


Spectrum Public Chain

This week, the synchronous processing of data between public chain nodes has further optimized the fast synchronization mode, increasing the speed by up to 4 times on the Spectrum chain, paving the way for a far more efficient main chain.

The public chain team also made some modifications to the consensus contract of the Spectrum chain. The revised consensus contract adds the signer blacklist system, and if the node wants to “do things” on the public chain, once the mechanism is found, the node will be blacklisted, and then it will be waited on to sign off from the chain. The public chain team believes that this can effectively prevent individual nodes from engaging in malicious behavior.

When a node is cleared out of the public chain, a supporting node should be generated to cover it. The public chain team has now optimized the selection strategy for supporting nodes.

In addition to the above work, the public chain team has successfully implemented a hard forking of the network, thus upgrading the consensus contract.

Meanwhile, the Ozone project which will integrate with the Spectrum  public chain kicked off research work this week. This week, the public chain team launched development for the Ozone PC version of the wallet and branded the development framework Quasar.

The goal of Ozone is to show developers the functions of each module in the Spectrum network infrastructure so that third-party developers can easily migrate their services to enrich the Spectrum ecosystem.

So far, Ozone functionality for account Dashboard, new tasks, backup, account aliasing, and some transfer functions has been realized. Ozone development will progress steadily, and the team will keep you posted with frequent updates.

The Mobile Raiden Team has made four significant developments.

The new standard “Sprites” is the improvement of the Raiden Network proposed by Sprites and State Channels. After learning of this standard, the Mobile Raiden team studied the standard, ensuring that they are prepared to be both technical and practical at any given time.

Since mobile device nodes can potentially drop out of a network, the Mobile Raiden team has designed third parties to provide Mobile Raiden services, which can maximally ensure the security of funds when the nodes are offline.

The Mobile Raiden team also employed the fixed charging method to verify routing node charges. This means that, in proportion to SmartMesh data transmission, the idea of collecting SMT in return for bandwidth can be achieved. So long as a SmartMesh network can be established, the functionality is ready to roll.

The test of Raiden related API on the Spectrum chain shows that it is well compatible with Ethereum and can be tested with it for future use if necessary.


This week, the App team is optimizing existing functionality, making the App more practical.  Specifically in focus: receipt logic and display modification for transaction record messages, transfer details interface modifications, database modification, logic modification for QR Code transfers, transfer mode and interface modification.

In the new version of the App, friends can find new token list pages and search token page. The App team hopes that the addition of these two pages can bring a better experience to friends.


International Community Action

This week, SmartMesh was selected as Company of the Month and one of the Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers by Silicon Valley based APAC CIO Magazine.

Similarly, continuing to increase publicity and let more people know about SmartMesh is also a priority for the international team lately. As more and more people join our Telegram communities we grow more and more enthusiastic about serving them properly.

For the international market, the early launch of the reward program has received numerous submissions from community users of which many are under review.  Community users will be contacted by staff when the time is right.

Finally, the SmartMesh website is now readable in Arabic and can spread its reach even further than before.

Thanks for reading this week’s update, stay tuned for next week’s edition to get all the latest updates on SmartMesh and related technologies.

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