Spectrum Enters Release Version

The countdown to the Spectrum public chain going live is ticking away! At

21:00 on April 23rd, 2018, the SmartMesh Spectrum chain will be upgraded to Release version.

After the upgrade to the Release version, any problems found in the public chain will be cleared up ensuring greater stability over the previous version. Shortly thereafter, the Spectrum main network will be formally launched, and we will all bear witness to a historic technological moment.

After the main network goes online, there will still be much follow-up work to be done by the team, such as swapping the currencies from the Ethereum chain to Spectrum. Communication will play a key role in working with the exchanges to make sure all goes smoothly. Rest assured that the team will pay meticulous attention to detail so ensure that everyone’s SMT is properly transitioned, although it may take some time to deal with the various exchanges. We will make appropriate announcements whenever we have updates.

When Spectrum goes online, it will really mark the beginning of the construction of the larger SmartMesh ecosystem, and a large number of projects will be added to Spectrum to increase its functionality. These projects can leverage the SmartMesh protocol and ecosystem hardware to provide more services to users. As the ecosystem begins to take shape, the value of Spectrum will sharply rise along with it. In what will be a stable win-win situation for developers and SmartMesh, supporting the ecosystem will become an obvious path to success, and of course, the Spectrum Token (SMT) will become more valuable as well.

After the Spectrum main network goes online, users will all be able to enjoy the various services and features, and fees will be unified under the SMT Token currency, allowing for easy interaction between users and the technologies available. The SmartMesh team is confident that Spectrum will develop into a world-class chain, creating high value for our global civilization.

Please continue to follow SmartMesh for more updates and official announcements!

* The times mentioned in this article are Singapore time

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