SmartMesh BiWeekly Report (2020.08.01-2020.08.14)

This week, the marketing team actively mentored the 14 participating teams of the SUSS-SmartMesh Singapore Blockchain Challenge to help them tweak their innovative ideas so that they’re ready to enter real commercialised market scenarios. The team is leveraging the MeshBox Community Ecosystem website where SmartMesh is primary contributor, and now the international community will also play a more and more important role in it. The website is still in its beta stage, but already is providing community members with opportunities to get frequent updates and gain footholds in the community.

MeshBox Tesla has been licensed by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). With this certification, it will be far easier to obtain other corresponding licenses in multiple countries (for example, Southeast Asia and the United States) and this will give SmartMesh technologies bases to grow from.

The SmartMesh business development team and technical team further communicated with Satcom in Beijing and established a test site to familiarize themselves with the products and operating models of both parties, thereby forming a collaborative plan for promotion in China.

Here are all the latest specifics:

The latest work is as follows:

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Continued to analyze the incentives for Photon to support IoT data delivery, discussed the suitability of third-party entrusted services in this scenario, and prepared for the subsequent communication-based micropayment ecological application.

1.2 Discussed the upgrade of the Photon TokenNetwork contract, considered further introducing a switch design to restrict access behavior during the contract switching process, and prepared for the subsequent optimization and upgrade of the Photon function.

1.3 Analyzed the related functions of submarine exchange, researched application scenarios, supporting services and security of lightning submerged exchange, and further expanded the optimization direction for Photon.

The latest work is as follows:

  1. Atmosphere interoperability and Living Lab preparations.

1.1 Understanding part of the cross-chain staking mechanism, reviewed the staking design of Atmosphere notary public selection, and provided support for the subsequent expansion of Atmosphere participation incentives.

1.2 Conducted a discussion on the suitability of the ERC721 contract, conducted a feasibility analysis of the introduction of ERC721 Tokens into the HTLC contract, and prepared for further expansion of the support of the interoperability ecosystem application field.

1.3 Continued to dock with the JED Trade collaboration project, interacted with the Atmosphere cross-chain APP design process and interface calls, and initially discussed the JEDTrade & SmartMesh cooperation and docking process, and provided support for subsequent project interoperability and cooperation development.

The latest work is as follows:

  1. Continued discussions on the cross-chain product positioning and technical solution feasibility with the JED Trade project team, communicated the detailed operation process and other issues on product interaction, and laid the foundation for the joint product follow-up cooperation.

The latest work is as follows:

  1. As the first phase of the SUSS-SmartMesh Singapore Blockchain Challenge is coming to an end, the marketing team has been busy mentoring all participating teams to help get them into top shape to enter market. These communications between the company and the teams are win-win situations, as both sides gain different views, insights, and practical experience in brainstorming and enriching their designs around the SmartMesh ecosystem technology.
  2. The new website ( for the development of the international ecosystem is launched, and SmartMesh employees and the community will play an important role in it. This multi-functional website is still in the beta stage, and it will provide the entire community with multiple opportunities to participate in training and development.
  3. This week, MeshBox Tesla received a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). With the FCC license, we can easily obtain other corresponding licenses in multiple countries (for example, Southeast Asia and the United States). MeshBox Tesla is a highly integrated revolutionary device and the cornerstone of HyperMesh’s infrastructure. HyperMesh is a cyber-physical infrastructure that includes computing, storage, communication, energy, and the Internet of Things. It is as well a blockchain financial technology solution.
  4. The SmartMesh business and technical team is communicating with Satcom in Beijing, to set up a test site, familiarize with the products and operating models of both parties, in order to form a well-rounded plan to promote domestically.
  5. SmartMesh is now recruiting diehard fans to help energize the community. If you are a member that identifies with the projects, know how to capitalize on win-win ideology, are willing to spend time and energy to develop the SMT·MESH ecosystem and community, are able to put forward constructive opinions or suggestions on the development of projects and communities, and who are willing to hold tokens for long periods of time, get in touch with us!!!


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