SmartMesh BiWeekly Report (2020.07.04-2020.07.17)

On January 15th of this year, SmartMesh, MeshBox and SUSS, the Singapore University of Social Sciences, jointly established the Singapore Blockchain Living Lab. The SUSS-SmartMesh workshop and the blockchain competition is the first project of its kind launched by the lab. The large-scale workshop ended successfully this week. Through this event, SmartMesh has covered the topics of data privacy, data confirmation, music production and copyright, distributed storage, distributed computing, Internet of Things (farm and pasture assets tracking), artificial intelligence, supply chain finance, and inclusive finance (financialization of agricultural and farm assets) through the Spectrum public chain (Spectrum) and the second-layer network (Photon).

The last week of the workshop also included a gathering of well known individuals: Dr. Yu, President of Huobi University; Gary Loh, Founder and CEO of DiMuto; Daniel Finn, Founder of ND Reflex Music; GTI CTO Andy Wang; Founder of Data Chain Foundation Luo Hongyu; Founder of VeriTAG, CEO and Founder Jason Lim; Aid:Tech CEO Joseph Thomson . They all gave wonderful speeches one after another.

Here are the work details for this period:

The details are as follows:

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Provided technical support for the Photon DeepDive, designed operation contract functions and payment applications, and assisted in demonstrations to further improve the user’s operability of Photon applications.

1.2 Discussed the impact of the changes to the Photon Token contract, analyzed measures for the failure to retrieve the original Token in the channel due to a change of the Token contract in extreme cases, and prepared for the subsequent improvement of third-party auxiliary functions.

1.3 Reviewed the relevant functions of third-party entrustment, classified and summarized the corresponding interfaces and supplement the scenarios, and further improved the scope of PMS entrusted services.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Atmospheric interoperability and Living Lab preparations.

1.1 Continued to support the Singapore SUSS Workshop, conducted the Atmosphere Deep Dive design and assisted with  Q & A, and provided support for the subsequent Singapore Blockchain Challenge.

1.2 Continued to discuss the MESH certificate model, and planned the initial construction of the Mesh Proof of Coverage to prepare for the further expansion of support for the interoperability of applications within the ecosystem.

1.3 Continued to dock with the JED Trade collaboration project, communicated and demonstrated the Atmosphere cross-chain process, and provided support for subsequent project interoperability cooperation development.

The specific details are as follows:

Cooperated with SUSS to provide corresponding meeting material design and necessary support for workshops.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Huobi University President Dr. Yu Jianing attended the SUSS-SmartMesh workshop in Singapore and gave a keynote speech entitled ” The Tide of Industrial Blockchain: Huobi’s Practice on Blockchain Application”.

Huobi and SmartMesh will work together to build Singapore’s first tokenized campus economy and open the door up to all Singapore universities to do the same acting as the starting point for the development of the global token ecosystem.

Dr. Yu served as the director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, where he was instrumental in the drafting and study of wide-ranging policies, having devoted many years to policy research. Dr. Yu serves concurrently as the president of Huobi University, deputy director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, Member of the China Computer Federation’s Blockchain Committee and special expert of the Blockchain Pilot Zone within the Hainan Pilot Free-Trade Port. Dr. Yu has also served as the director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  1. GTI CTO Dr. Andy Wang attended the SUSS-SmartMesh workshop in Singapore and delivered a keynote speech titled ” Software-Defined IoT: Massively Scaling the Last-Mile”.

By 2025, there will be 150-Billion IoT devices streaming data to the cloud.  The majority of these are low-power embedded devices with only kilobytes of memory.  This presents major challenges to massively scaling these devices.  In this talk described how software-defined architecture is solving this problem and enabling new capabilities such as low-power AI.  This is manifested in integrating GTI’s low-power IoT products with MeshBox to enable pervasive sensing and remote monitoring at the edge.

  1. Luo Hongyu, founder of Data Chain Foundation, delivered a keynote speech entitled ” Combining Mesh Networks and Edge Computation for Federated Data Processing”.

Luo Hongyu, the founder of Data Chain Foundation, shared Data Chain Foundation’s joint computing network with a privacy-protecting MapReduce data processing framework, which supports OpenWrt on Android and smart devices. The mobile phone installed with the Data Chain APP can be used as a computing node to process private data without passing it to the cloud. The data link interoperates with the Aggregation Server deployed in MeshBox to form a joint computing network with privacy protection functions.

  1. Jason Lim, CEO and founder of VeriTAG, published “Use of Blockchain for Document Protection and Its Application in Trade”

In many countries and many companies, the original copy of the document is still required. VeriTAG CEO and founder Jason Lim shared that VeriTAG will work closely with IMDA and is committed to applying blockchain to solve this problem.

  1. Aid: Tech CEO Joseph Thomson delivered a keynote speech entitled “Digital ID for this Decade – Why It’s More Important Than Ever”. The core of their blockchain platform is providing digital identity and building applications on top for micro-insurance, remittances, KYC/AML, welfare delivery and medical entitlements. Joseph is the pioneer of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations’ blockchain technology. AID: Tech is the first blockchain company to receive direct investment from the governments of two countries, and it is also a successful case provider for the Game Changer of the Year Award in response to corruption.
  2. The founder of ND Reflex Music, Daniel Finn, shared the advantages of blockchain in solving music publishing, distribution and compensation/licensing issues. He hopes that the participants can use the blockchain to come up with more creative and feasible solutions. The subject matter was novel and well-received by the students.
  3. Gary Loh, Founder and CEO of DiMuto, shared how he digitized the global agricultural product supply chain.
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