SmartMesh Weekly (2019.12.9–2019.12.13)

This week, the SmartMesh team continues to strive to enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem. The public chain started the design of the upper-layer business logic module of the second version of the blockchain, laying a solid foundation for the ease of use and scalability of SmartMesh. The Photon team started the research and implementation of user payment and inter-machine payment in more scenarios, while doing in-depth research and verification of some product cooperation schemes for distributed computing and distributed storage. The short weekend can’t stop the busy week. Mr. Wang Qiheng, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, is invited by CCTV ’s “Focus on Blockchain” column producer Li Ying to travel to South Korea next week to participate in the Global Blockchain Leadership Summit and serve as [Blockchain Focus on Special Investment and Financing Event] The judges also hope that this conference will select more outstanding ecological partners for the Singapore Interoperability Competition.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Spectrum public chain:

1.1 Complete the Merkel tree of global data state and its test for consistency between nodes.

1.2 Research and study tendermint, cosmos design ideas.

1.3 Contrast with cosmos and EWASM’s upper-layer business processing model, design the upper-layer business logic module of the second version of the blockchain.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Discuss the Photon paid Internet access plan, and initial planning to implement the functions of photon payment Internet access and roaming Internet access, and improve the applicability of photon payment.

1.2 Optimize Photon without network startup, fix the crash of Photon without network for the first time due to permission reasons and fail to return error normally, and improve the stability of Photon startup.

1.3 Initial analyzation to optimizing the Withdraw function of the contract. It is planned to introduce the design related to the withdrawal of expired verification to further improve the Photon user experience.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Atmospheric interoperability and preparation of Living Lab.

1.1 Preliminary understanding of edge computing related projects, analyze the requirements of interoperability scenarios in conjunction with the Living Lab business scope, and make a preliminary demonstration for the combined application of distributed computing and interoperation.

1.2 Continue to track LivingLab related business projects, communicate with the project parties on the use case requirements and methods of interoperability scenarios, and prepare relevant conditions for project interoperability verification.

1.3 Test and deploy some of the projects that are interested in LivingLab in Meshbox, evaluate the adaptability of the Meshbox operating environment to related projects, and prepare for subsequent cooperation and docking.

  1. Tango APP 2.3.2 is updated.

It mainly adjusts the flow with the online payment function of MeshBox and upgrades the version of photon payment.

  1. Mr. Henry Wang, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, was invited by Li Ying, the producer of the “Blockchain Focus” column of CCTV, to participate in the Global Blockchain Leadership Summit held in South Korea on December 17, and served as the a judge for the [Blockchain Focus: Special Investment Financing activities].

Li Ying has always focused on the blockchain before President Xi JinPing’s speech on October 24. She is a person who persists and moves forward even when the blockchain was in its dark moments. This moved President Wang very much! It is hoped that at this Korean summit, more high-quality projects can be found and selected into the Singapore Blockchain Interoperability Competition. SmartMesh will build a truly distributed, landing-oriented, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem through the Singapore Challenge.

2. On December 12, Mr. Henry Wang, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, and He Jun, MeshBox Commercial Director, visited Deng Di, Chairman of Beijing Taiyiyun Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Deng Di is the head of Davos China Blockchain delegation, executive director of China Blockchain Application Research Center, executive member of China’s Digital Economy 100, and Mr. Deng Di is also one of the earliest pioneers in blockchain-related businesses in China. . Taiyiyun is a listed company on the NEEQ. With digital identity eID as its core technology, Taiyiyun develops applications for data verification, privacy protection, personal certificates, personal points, private domain space (distributed storage), and national data currency. Taiyiyun will cooperate with SmartMesh on distributed storage, cross-chain interoperability, and emergency communications.

  1. On the afternoon of December 12, Mr. Henry Wang visited a certain quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum sensor company, and communicated with Chairman Li and founder CEO, President Chen. Qi Ke specializes in quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum sensors. They are very much looking forward to cooperating with SmartMesh. At present, their entanglement of quantum communication uses optical fiber transmission. They are studying quantum entanglement in free space, which can be used for encryption of low-orbit satellite constellation communication. Quantum communication gateway can be integrated with MeshBox in the future.

Professor Zhu Jiaming said that there may be some genetic and chromosomal connection between quantum computing and blockchain. The development of quantum technology and quantum science is not destroying or shaking the entire structure and system of “blockchain”, but it is to a large extent is possible to provide new technical elements for the “blockchain” and transforms it into a new technical system based on quantum science.

Quantum computer science:

A quantum computer is a type of physical device that follows quantum mechanics for high-speed mathematical and logical operations, storage, and processing of quantum information. When a device processes and calculates quantum information and runs a quantum algorithm, it is a quantum computer.

4. SmartMesh can be the last mile of air-space-integrated networking. To this end, we are working to build an industrial group that integrates low-orbit satellite constellations, quantum communication and quantum encryption, sensor IoT and chip design. Although it was a weekend, President Wang arranged a meeting with the leaders of the Development and Reform Commission and the low-orbit satellite constellation.


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