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Mr. Chia Hock Lai, President of the Singapore Fintech Association, has joined the SmartMesh Foundation as an Advisor

Mr. Chia Hock Lai, President of the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), joined the SmartMesh Foundation as an advisor. Such a synergistic combination will provide policy support for the development of SmartMesh in Singapore and also help with the deployment and application of SmartMesh all over the world. Chia Hock Lai said: “I am proud to join the Advisor Board of SmartMesh to support a decentralisation project that is providing last mile Connectivity through blockchain and IoT. Smartmesh is already in production use with real world transactions, and a vision to connect a billion of unserved and underserved people in the emerging economies.”

At the same time, Mr. Chia Hock Lai invited Chairman of SmartMesh Foundation, Henry Wang, to join the Singapore Fintech Association. He said that the Singapore Association is not only focused on finance, but should pay greater attention to the development of cutting-edge technology. He hopes that Mr. Henry Wang and MeshBox CEO Dr. Peter Yan can come together to establish the Emerging Technology Committee. After watching the live demonstration of MeshBox-Tesla, Mr. Chia Hock Lai suggested that several MeshBoxes should be show-cased at SFA as an example of the achievements of a practical blockchain use-case in Singapore.

Mr. Chia Hock Lai (right), SFQ and Mr. Henry Wang, SmartMesh Foundation


On May 31, 2019, the Singapore Fintech Association announced the establishment of the SFA Reg-Tech Subcommittee to promote the invention and adoption of technologies to help Singapore achieve better regulatory outcomes. SFA also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Asian Development Bank (ADB) to create the “Digital Innovation Fintech Sandbox Program”.


Mr. Chia is also Chairman of the Token Economy Association (TEA). Mr. Chia has over 20 years of experience in the financial and technology industry. As a firm practitioner of collaboration and connectivity, Mr. Chia defines SFA and TEA as platforms designed to facilitate collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem and engage members with multiple stakeholders to find solutions to issues.


Thank you for your long-term support and love for SmartMesh!


Please stay tuned to the official announcement for more information.




August 14, 2019 (SGT)


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