SmartMesh weekly (2019.02.11–2019.02.15)

The SmartMesh team has started its work again, but we have encountered some unpleasantness — SmartMesh once again encountered plagiarism. We hope that the majority of our partners will jointly uphold the crystallization of our wisdom and hard work. SmartMesh supporters and people concerned about us, please participate with us!

Here are the updates of the week:

The specific work is as follows:

1. Perception network:

1.1 continues to optimize the Perception code and improve the error processing and recovery mechanism in the system.

1.2 investigates the resource indexing technology in the distributed network, with the goal of building a distributed storage network of MeshBox.

2. Spectrum:

2.1 continue the team’s exploration in the direction of cryptography to understand the advantages of “Jacobi coordinate system” for cryptographic computing.

2.2 continue to learn the 2.0 specification of Ethereum.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon new version is optimized and tested for perfection.

1.1 conduct the design and realization of the new Photon interface, and the trade-related operation will be returned immediately after the transaction is entered into the buffer pool. Then the APP can adjust the page layout according to the channel state change actively pushed by the APP, thus making the user experience more user friendly.

1.2 the persistence design of the transaction information of the newly added contract invocation ensures that Photon is able to inform the APP asynchronously in the case of failure in the execution of the contract invocation, so as to correctly feed the transaction result to the upper application.

1.3 continue complex scenarios crash recovery messaging scenarios and TokenSwap scene test, this week the major test scenarios are: TokenSwap TokenSwap MediatorReReceiveStateChange, direct channel and indirect channel, etc.

  1. 4 complete The English description of The main interface documents and The hosting of The Docs. The main updates include a description of the features, scenarios and demonstrations in English across all the interfaces of Photon RESTful API, Phone Mobile API and Photon Monitoring Service, as well as a push of The Docs hosting.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Distributed notary Demo demonstrates optimization and cross-chain comparative analysis.

1.1 display and update the distributed notary Demo page, modify and rearrange the status display effects of Lockin and Lockout business logic process to improve user operability.

1.2 distributed notary Demo test and evaluation, comprehensive test of the efficiency and success rate of distributed notary Lockin and Lockout process, verify the correctness and stability of HTLC timeout cancellation transaction.

1.3 conduct the design of distributed notary concurrent Nonce allocation, develop independent NonceServer, independently maintain the Nonce value of distributed private key account address on each chain, and solve the problem of notary concurrent Nonce use in contract invocation.

  1. 4 comparative analysis of cross-chain technology, sorting out the characteristics and application scope of existing mainstream cross-chain technology projects, analyzing and summarizing the key points of distributed notary Demo technology, comparing and referring to further improve the distributed notary Demo design.

The specific work is as follows:

According to the updated Photon’s modified interface and feedback state, workers are debugging and optimizing the experience degree of UI and operation process.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Developed the Dao voting program of Dapp foundation.

2. Developed the Dapp of SMT red package.

3. The first project of Dapp fund pool has passed the voting and approval, and won the support award of Dapp foundation smoothly. Please contact us if you have any ideas. The construction of Dapp application ecology on the spectrum needs everyone’s efforts.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

1, during the lunar New Year holiday, our photon network development leader and Perception project director at 2, 4 for the community for the broadcast platform and answer questions, and let the community have the opportunity to developers closer contact with us, at the same time have a deeper understanding on the technology itself, this activity is well received by the community, the future we will make a plan, with activities to continue for a long time.

2. This week, the official WeChat customer service of the SmartMesh (SMT) team received a report from a victim named “superman”. Someone on a voice broadcast platform was promoting a cheat project called LVCH, and its white paper blatantly copied all the contents of our white paper. According to the whistleblower, it was revealed that the amount of fraud may be tens of millions of yuan. After investigation by SmartMesh team, it was found that neither the project named “LVCH” nor the project side could be verified, nor the official website. Since SmartMesh pioneered the use of blockchain in Mesh networks, it has been copied dozens of times. The SmartMesh foundation reminds everyone — there are thousands roads ahead, choose carefully. If Investment is not careful, ends with tears.

SmartMesh today is our team, the community and the supporters of the result of joint efforts, we from scratch, to today’s success, is our sweat and wisdom crystallization, we should not be defiled others, 2019 we will complete metamorphosis, moves towards magnificently, SmartMesh foundation in this calls for the social from all walks of life at the same time, the net friend and our supporters, we want our common interests together, make the world a better place.

3. My colleagues in the Marketing Department are actively studying the operation mode of huo chat this week and making plans to promote SmartMesh in huo chat in order to attract more followers in huo chat.

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time Learn about SmartMesh’s weekly updates, keep an eye on SmartMesh Weekly!

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