LVCH shameless plagiarism fraud: investment is not careful, tears for loved ones!

Company Name: None

Official website: none

white paper: (original plagiarism SmartMesh white paper)

Baidu information: SmartMesh article) On-line exchange: (Identifier name IMT is defined on the fraudulence project white paper, this project is online with LVCH on the exchange)

The content of the white paper can no longer be called a simple plagiarism. It is a naked plagiarism. They even did not change the name of the team members.

The SmartMesh team strongly protested and condemned this behavior, and the SmartMesh team stated hereinafter:

1. The SmartMesh team has no relationship with the so-called “LVCH” project party, nor does it authorize it to use SmartMesh for any technology, copyright whatsoever. The SmartMesh team reserves all rights to pursue its related legal responsibilities.

2. An official negotiation has been filed with, orequesting it to immediately remove the LVCH project and provide official clarification, while retaining the right to pursue further investigation.

3. All necessary means will be taken to investigate the responsibility of the “LVCH” project.

4. Remind netizens, SmartMesh followers and supporters to be vigilant and protect their interests from infringement.

5, SmartMesh’s official website is, and WeChat public number: SmartMeshFoundation, please get information from official channels, do not trust others.

SmartMesh is the result of our team, community and supporters. Our success from nothing to success today is the result of our sweat and wisdom. We can’t let others tarnish, 2019 we will evolve and the SmartMesh Foundation hereby appeals to all sectors of society, citizens and our supporters, we must work together to safeguard our common interests and make the world a better place.

13th February, 2019

SmartMesh Foundation

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