SmartMesh Weekly(2019.01.28–2019.02.01)

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Here is the SmartMesh Weekly, we are here!

Today is the last working day of the team of SmartMesh and MeshBox in the “Winter” of the Year of the Dog. In a few days, it is the Chinese Lunar New Year.

From the editor.

I wish those supported us in all the countries have a happy Chinese New Year, and as the New Year bells ring, we will welcome the spring, which will be the starting point for our SmartMesh and MeshBox ecology.

The trip to the Philippines once again confirmed this big trend. The MeshBox Maxwell Alpha version made its debut in the Philippines, which caused a bit of a stir in the industry. This is the first project of hardware and software integration in blockchain, and the people and events I encountered, the application scenarios made me feel that I was pushed forward by a huge wave of this advancement.

Today is February 1, 2019, the 27th day of the lunar month.

During the Spring Festival, the days of family reunion have quietly approached without knowing it. The works of Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng and Dr. Peter Yan in the Philippines is in full swing.

Here, the SmartMesh team wishes you all:

Wishing you all a successful and prosperous year of the Pig !

Fifth week of 2019, updates as follows:

1. Perception agent:

1.1 Debug Perception’s Mdns function on different routers.

1.2 Improve the error handling and recovery mechanism for router versions that do not support Mdns.

1.3 The solution code base is too large.

submitted queries to

2. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Continue the team’s exploration in the direction of cryptography:

a) Group theory and finite field

b) Extended European geometric theory

c) elliptic curve and parameter selection

2.2 Explore the future technical route of Ethereum and understand the positioning and intent of the beacon chain.

1. Photon new version optimization and test problem repair

1.1 Perform a joint test of the new version of Photon and PFS complex routing scenarios, and add multiple intermediate nodes and thresholds to test PFS routing charges related functions.

1.2 Further improve the Photon security mechanism, increase the sender’s malicious initiation of the null password transaction scenario, design and implement the intermediate node review and refuse to forward the test case to ensure transaction security.

1.3 Fix some problems found in the test, and solve the problem that Photon caused the startup stagnation caused by the connection of invalid public chain at startup.

1.4 Continue to perform complex scene crash recovery and send message scenario test. This week’s test scenarios are mainly: RevealSecret, AnnouncedDisposed, ActionInitTargetStateChange, and so on.

  1. 5 Further improve the description of the Photon 1.0 Mobile interface document. The main updates include: adding example representations of all interfaces, adding mandatory network reconnection ports and system status query interface descriptions, etc., pushing the 0.6 version of the English contract description to The Docs hosting.

1. Distributed democrat page demo implementation and concurrent communication design

1.1 Complete the distributed notary presentation page design. Mainly include: access to the service page, generate account page, pre-stored Token page, Lockin demo page and Lockout demo page design.

1.2 Complete the distributed notary Demo demo to demonstrate Lockin business logic implementation. Including: account generation, sending Lockin requests, sending transactions to the main chain, assigning the corresponding ETH Token in the Spectrum test chain, generating the Lockin transaction in the Spectrum test chain, ETH asset locking, and ETH Token generation.

1.3 Complete the distributed notary Demo demo to demonstrate the Lockout business logic implementation. Including: sending Lockout requests, sending transactions to sidechains, assigning ETH Tokens to the Ethereum test chain, sending transactions to the Ethereum test chain, ETH asset restoration, and ETHtoken asset destruction.

1.4 Notary public concurrent communication design. The modification of the notary communication mode is a one-way long connection, and the message asynchronous processing is session distribution and single-thread processing, and the test result performance is good.

Link of the demo info:

The APP’s photon network payment channel is coordinated with the MeshBox photon node to optimize the payment experience and stability of the test channel.

1. The application of the Spectrum public chain application ecological Dapp seed fund has been successfully established.

The decentralized Dapp fund pool of the spectral chain ecology has officially started operation, and the developers of the spectral chain application ecology are welcome to participate actively.

2. Start the development of the fund pool voting Dapp.

3. Start the development of smart pool contracts for fund pool rules.

4. Decentralized red envelope development.

  1. SmartMesh CEO Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng and MeshBox CTO Dr. Peter Yan had an in-depth exchange with former Philippine second-largest operator Smart President, Presidential Special Envoy and Star Telecom’s technical experts. Former Smart President provided very professional data and advice for the deployment of SmartMesh and MeshBox in the Philippines. The technical experts present here are designers of the Philippine satellite and are currently working with French companies to design satellites to be launched in the Philippines. The French manufacturing company will visit the Philippines next week.
                                            Star Telecom MeshBox

2. SmartMesh CEO Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng and MeshBox CTO Mr. Peter Yan exchanged and demonstrated with the Secretary-General of Prince IVU (Ignita Veritas United) on the 28th. The meeting lasted for 4 hours because of the planned early interruption. Since Prince IV W. Peter Wagoner highly recognized the SmartMesh project and considered MeshBox to be a good fit for his Smart Nation project, Prince Peter asked the two parties to negotiate on SmartMesh and MeshBox from the Philippines and covering the global cooperation plan and framework. Ignita Veritas United (IVU) is a national coalition formed by a combination of sovereign, human rights and humanitarian missions. It is a non-profit intergovernmental organization (IGO) whose authority authorizes the authorities to be the sovereign body of international law. An intergovernmental organization (IGO) developed as a “non-profit organization” operated by a “group group” provides shared infrastructure to support its collective members. The IVU is a body of various autonomous official agencies and specialized agencies.

3. The Geniusto and ePERA teams came to watch the SmartMesh MeshBox networking demonstration. They have included SmartMesh in their cooperation projects with the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. The report has already used SmartMesh and MeshBox as the inclusive financial network. The important part of the program and the implementation node are submitted to the UN project. The following are the cooperative bank outlets:

4, Manila Maharlika Basketball League Basketball League to watch the MeshBox demo, hope to become a distributor of MeshBox, deployed in the stadium of the Philippines, can solve the communication, advertising and video playback functions in the venue.

5. The marketing team in the Philippines has developed preliminary market implementation plans, including details such as design deployment, promotion and construction of the service center.

6. The trip to the Philippines by the MeshBox team and the SmartMesh team caused great excitements in the local industry. Many local organizations and individuals highly expecting further MeshBox related information, and was widely forwarded in social media.

The SmartMesh weekly report will be suspended till February 8, 2019 due to CNY holiday, and the weekly report will be updated on February 15, 2019.

Finally, the entire team of SmartMesh wishes you all: Happy New Year, happy family, good luck in the Year of the Pig!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time Learn about SmartMesh’s weekly updates, keep an eye on SmartMesh Weekly!


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