SmartMesh Weekly (2019.01.21-2019.01.25)

Good evening! It’s Friday again~ SmartMesh Weekly is coming.

In addition to the weekly newspaper, in fact, what we want to see is MeshBox as the most important part of the SmartMesh ecosystem. It seems like a shy child in hiding. Finally, the MeshBox team got the final version of the Magic Box on Tuesday, at the same time. The team worked together to complete the Mesh networking, and after the Mesh network multi-hop, you can still see high-definition smooth video, read and watch the video in multiple hops without the internet, and pass the Photon of the secondary architecture on Specturm. The network completes no internet payment. The completion time of this whole process although is very short, but for us and MeshBox’s team experienced too much, trust, ridicule and even internal or external doubts. It is our persistence in faith and ideals that inspires us all to move forward. Whether in good times or in the cold crypto winter, we never forget our mission. Finally, we have realized our concept at the beginning of the project, every small partner of the team. They are all proud of their persistence.

People often say, “One only wants to find himself.” This sentence is quite correct: everything you do is to find yourself. However, you will not find yourself anywhere outside your body – the things you are looking for can only be found in your heart. Have you ever asked yourself this way: “Why do I think I need someone outside this place, this place or something like this?” Only by entering into one’s heart can you answer this question. We are also looking for answers to this question and we are tireless. On Wednesday, we released the “Special Extras – The Most Beautiful Confession”. The founders, Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng and the SmartMesh team, need to know your support and ideas. Maybe we can talk about it, special extras and special support… Welcome you all to leave a message. Please believe that the SmartMesh team, together, we will achieve hand in hand.

In the fourth week of 2019, the works report is as follows:

Spectrum’s specific work is as follows:

1) Perception agent:
1.1 Develop a Demo program on your phone to test the clarity and fluency of the video stream during the live broadcast.
1.2 Modify the bug, and fix the problem that the node verification process is too inefficient.

2) Spectrum public chain:
2.1 Continue the team’s exploration in the direction of cryptography, focusing on the following two aspects:
a) Group theory and finite field
b) Extended European geometric theory
c) elliptic curve and parameter selection
2.2 Browse the Ethereum code to track the latest development progress of Ethereum.

The Photon 1.0 version has been officially released, and we look forward to the community’s partners who can give us valuable advice.

In this version of Photon, we added multi-token support, channel deposit interface multiplexing, and channel charging based on the original features. With the help of third-party monitoring services and third-party routing charge inquiry services, it is better to complete the data entrustment of Photon node chain transfer, normal transaction and penalty transaction, and the best way to find route payment through photonic network.

The new version is still in the process of continuous improvement.

The following is the specific work for this week:

1, Photon new version and APP function interaction and testing
1.1 Complete the APP to call the Photon interface function test normally. Mainly include: channel creation, channel deposit, channel transfer (including charging), channel shutdown, etc.
1.2 Complete the APP and MeshBox to achieve Photon networkless payment test. Mainly include: MeshBox offline scenes both sides of the channel (both no network) direct channel no network payment test, one party has a network side without network payment scenario, no network payment verification, no network scene channel deposit and shutdown verification.
1.3 Further improve the way Photon interacts with APP, such as: change the transaction status from APP query to Photon initiative push.

2. The new version of Photon is further improved and optimized.
2.1 Building Complex Scenes Crash Recovery Sends message scenario tests, adds multiple intermediate nodes, and builds multi-payment routes. The currently tested scenarios are mainly: EventSendMediatedTransfer and EventSendSecretRequest.
2.2 Fixing a potential security hazard in a specific scenario, that is, the transaction initiator can illegally profit by constructing a penalty under extreme conditions by sending a failed transaction, and the problem has been successfully solved.
2.3 Further improve the description of the Photon 1.0 RESTFUL interface document. The main updates include: adding example representations of all interfaces, adding message feedback for exception calls, adding and modifying some interface usage instructions.

Photon1.0 version release address: Photon1.0 interface description address: (English description is continuously updated)

The basic functions of the first version of the distributed notary Demo of the Atmosphere have been initially completed.

We continued the logical connection design of lockin and lockout this week, and targeted the problems in concurrent transactions.

The specific work is as follows:
1. Design and implementation of the complete process demo of distributed notary public
1.1 Complete the lock in process logic connection design and implementation, to achieve the normal call of the main chain and side chain contract lock-in related function interface and the verification of homomorphic encryption parameters.
1.2 Complete the logical connection design and implementation of the lockout process, realize the normal call of the main chain and side chain contract lock-out related function interface, and the MTA and signature film ElGamal encryption verification.
1.3 Complete the DNC client demo design and implementation, and conduct a complete process Demo correctness test.

2. Design of distributed notary concurrent transaction processing mechanism
2.1 Analysis of distributed notary concurrent transaction communication mechanism. It mainly includes: nonce conflict problem, consistency problem of concurrent transaction signature object, cross-logic problem of internal logic sequence of different transactions.
2.2 Distributed notary public concurrent transaction processing mechanism design. It mainly includes: global nonce allocation processing mechanism, notary generation negotiation nonce generation mechanism, buffer queue processing mechanism, and the like.
2.3 Distributed notary concurrent communication module design. Mainly include: replacing the http communication module with websocket to support high-frequency ordered communication requirements, etc.

Cooperate with the new MeshBox to do some new Photon network payment functions.

Optimize operational processes and business feedback status, as well as solved some small problems encountered in testing.

1. The first phase of the Spectrum chain Dapp fund pool has been positively responded by the community. This week, the development of the Spectrum chain application ecosystem will be carry out at a high speed in the coming months. From the ground level, we will raise up, and developers and Dapp projects are welcome to discuss cooperation. .
2. The official Dapp application Spectrum “love” applet successfully implemented the SMT wallet function and the chain comment function, and passed the review.
3. The decentralized red envelope based on the Spectrum blockchain is currently under development.

1. On Tuesday, the MeshBox team finally got the MeshBox-Maxwell version of the stereotyped internal test. At the same time, the two teams also tested repeatedly the MeshBox again and again on the hardware and software, and also completed the joint debugging. The result is of course to make everyone excited, and we also thank the programmers and engineering lions for their hard work.

2. On the afternoon of January 25th, the SmartMesh team and the MeshBox team completed the MeshBox networking test, which was completely successful, marking the preparation of the team for the Philippine network
demonstration and testing. At the same time, we will update the test in the Philippines in real time next week.

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time Learn about SmartMesh’s weekly updates, keep an eye on SmartMesh Weekly!

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