SmartMesh is growing in popularity in the Philippines!

On 27th Nov 2018, Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, and Mr. Peter Yan, chief scientist of MeshBox, visited the Philippines and held in-depth talks with Techmeda and Star Telecom Alliance. SmartMesh will also sign a memorandum of cooperation with Star Telecom Alliance, which will be one of the distributors of MeshBox’s payment production.

Star Telecom has various qualifications and testing laboratories, and it has its own mobile phone brand. The founder Joey is the inventor of Sally shop, and the cooperation with Star enables MeshBox to quickly deploy and land.

The University of the Philippines has also discussed the details of the network deployment with SmartMesh.they hoped that SmartMesh will take the lead in the pilot deployment of SmartMesh in the university and bring students an unprecedented experience of blockchain Mesh network.

The trip was successful. Mr. Wang introduced the unique operation mode of SmartMesh to the local intended partner institutions and won unanimous praise and recognition.

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