SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.11.12–2018.11.16)

Only the valuable blockchain projects can calmly cope with the market waves, because no matter how big the wave is, it can reach the other shore smoothly and usher in the bright and shine..

This is the case with SmartMesh. No matter what difficulties we have experienced, the team is always moving forward.

Because we all know that only those blockchain projects that are truly meaningful and valuable are truly meaningful, and only such projects can revolutionize people’s lives in the future.

It may be years before people say that blockchain technology is truly felt because of SmartMesh.

SmartMesh is working on this.

A growing number of business organizations and social groups see value in SmartMesh and want to collaborate. In order to present SmartMesh better, the team has accelerated the performance improvement of public chain Spectrum.

As planned, the Ozone team has been fully integrated into the public chain team of Spectrum. With the increase of personnels, the performance of the public chain of Spectrum will be stronger.

Specific work is as follows:

1. The development of Perception:

A) according to the plan of last week, the team realized agent-client search for agent-server based on the Gossip protocol, and the next step is to continue to optimize the code.

B) realized the dual isolation of the network and enhance the anti-interference ability of the perception node.

2. Web Assembly research:

A) The team converted the definition of functions in LLVM IR format into functions represented by X86 machine code and successfully invoked them through external programs.

B) In terms of LLVM logic, X86 and Web Assembly have many similarities, so it is theoretically possible to convert files in LLVM IR format to files in WASM format. Next, the team will attempt this transformation.

The team mainly worked on the development of general channel locked-in Demo design and implementation of new general channel contract design of Atmosphere optimization for Matrix communication of 0.9 version of photon network.

After the deployment of SmartMesh, the photon network will provide a new, more convenient and rapid payment service for global users in the first time. The team expects that with the continuous deployment of the project globally, the photon network will eventually change the payment habits of billions of people around the world.

Specific work is as follows:

  1. In the special Matrix based on the third party to register the plugin further enhance communications security, and optimize the Matrix communication way, enhance communication efficiency.
  2. In the new GM channel on the basis of the contract, team Atmosphere, the development and debugging, complete more than Token basic function design and the related code realization.
  3. To realize mapping across chain assets has carried on the lock — in the Demo design team, realize distributed key generation and generate the corresponding address.
  4. Continue to improve the new version of the general channel contract, complete the SC logic analysis and design, and conduct contract test, and the test results are in line with expectations.

Smartmesh APP is free to upgrade of the photon web work has started this week this optimization will add channels note and closed to the APP, etc. It has a strong practical function, to optimize the APP business process, to better match the photon network running demand.

At the same time, the team also for APP has carried on the omni-directional code detection, to ensure that the current version of the APP running stable smooth.

As soon as the integration network of space-ground in Xinyang, China was completed, Mr. Henry Wang, founder of xinyang, China, went to Singapore to attend the “2018 inclusive financial technology summit”. Then, Mr. Wang will also go to the United States to speak with fellow Turing award winner professor Silvio Micali at MIT.

The market team responded quickly, effectively extracted the highlights in the project dynamics, and quickly spread to the outside world in multiple languages, so that more scholars and researchers in the blockchain around the world could understand the great value contained by SmartMesh.In addition, the marketing team will continue to improve the publicity efficiency of the project, so that more fans can grasp the latest development of the project in the first time. On the other hand, numerous activities of blockchain have sent invitations, and I hope SmartMesh will attend, to introduce in detail how blockchain technology can be effectively integrated into people’s real life. Some companies also expect SmartMesh to visit and communicate details of cooperation.

Specific work is as follows:

  1. On November 10, 2018, the world for the first space-ground integrated networking based on blockchain was successful, and the Former vice minister of radio, film and television unit Mr. Dongcai, national informatization Fang Hong a key project’s Chief scientist, Xinyang chief of the municipal party committee, the municipal technology bureau, agriculture and so on more than 20, head of the municipal party committee and entrepreneurs from all over the country more than two hundred people to witness this historic moment.
(Above: local government leaders attended the event and witnessed the successful demonstration)

2. On November 15, 2018, Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, flew to Singapore and was invited to attend the “2018 inclusive financial technology summit”. Many visitors here understand the driving role of SmartMesh in Singapore’s inclusive finance. During the panel discussion, Mr. Henry Wang talked with many experts in the field of blockchain and inclusive finance and talked about the MeshBox, a photon network and ecological project contained in the large ecosystem of SmartMesh.

3. Mr. Henry Wang had a cordial exchange with the vice President of the financial technology of Union Bank of the Philippines, and they agreed to continue to discuss the in-depth cooperation between SmartMesh and Union Bank in Manila.

(Above:Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, with vice President of financial technology, Union Bank, Philippines)

4. The function of offline connection and offline payment of SmartMesh has received high attention from the Sentinel of Myanmar. Mr. Roy, the founder of the Sentinel, said that he would like to explore the Myanmar market together with SmartMesh, and the senior team of SmartMesh will be invited to visit Myanmar later, and he hopes to conduct joint test deployment in January 2019.

(Above: Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh with Mr. Roy, founder of Sentinel)

5. On November 17, Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, will also fly to the United States to have a speech with professor Silvio Micali, winner of the Turing award, at MIT.

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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