Ozone is updated to version 0.5.1

Hello everyone! Here is a good news, with the continuous efforts of the SmartMesh team, Ozone has been officially updated to version 0.5.1 on Monday, September 3, 2018, including mac/windows/Linux three platforms.

Compared with a previous version, the 0.5.1 version of Ozone is elevated with a login lock function and user security has been further improvised. The contract token display function is further optimized and the operation is more stable. People who participate in the mapping and have converted the token SMT to the public currency SMT can also use Ozone’s PC-side digital wallet to manage the public currency SMT.

Here are some screenshots of the new version of Ozone for everyone to feel intuitive!

Ozone’s goal is to show developers the capabilities of the various modules in the Spectrum network infrastructure, enabling third-party developers to easily port their services to enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem. I believe that version 0.5.1 Ozone will bring you a better experience!



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