SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.08.27 – 2018.08.31)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.08.27 – 2018.08.31)

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the SmartMesh Weekly Update. The Spectrum Public Chain mapping has entered the countdown stage and is the main focus of this week. It is being treated with the utmost care in order to ensure maximal performance and earn the respect of everyone.  When it is completed it will bring more convenience to everyone, and that will underscore the efforts made to get there.

Technical Developments


Last week, the public chain team completed preparations for the Spectrum mapping and identified the steps necessary to take with the exchanges. This week, members began work on the development of the mapping to ensure that Spectrum continues to move forward.

The public chain team also communicated with the Russian team to assist them in unit testing and achieved good results, which also highlighted their strong technical strength.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Debugged conditions between the slow diffusion of nodes and the refresh frequency of node TD values.
  2. Studied the KAD-DHT implementation algorithm.
  3. Assisted the Russian Team in unit testing.
  4. Studied Solidity compiler implementation.

The Ozone upgrade optimization is still in progress, and this week focuses on small runtime details. Upon completion of the optimization, the 0.5.1 version of Ozone will be officially available next week, and we believe that the improvements included in this version will be quite impressive.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. The optimization program icon is displayed as “question mark” in the dock column of Ubuntu system.
  2. Published 0.5.1 version on Github, including mac/windows/linux t platforms.
  3. Continued to study Mist code, laying the foundation for subsequent Ozone optimizations.


This week, the SmartRaiden Team mainly carried out SmartRaiden intermediate node broadcast message processing, SmartRaiden version 1.0 test optimization, SmartRaiden contract standard description and other work. Since then, the research and development of the basic functions of SmartRaiden Version 1.0 have been completed, and the follow-up work will focus on the optimization and operation testing of SmartRaiden.

With the unremitting efforts of the SmartRaiden team, the development momentum of the SmartRaiden technology is strong, and keeps steadily moving forward.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Designed the message sent by the transactional relay node and part of the chain event processing, including indirect transaction message processing, RevealSecret message processing, Unlock message processing, and expiration lock processing.
  2. Fixed problems found in contract testing, including adding useless StateManager automatic removal logic, adding random password pair generation interface, etc.
  3. Started optimization testing, the current test case includes: Event Send Reveal Secret After, Event Send Secret Request After and other scenarios, the current data asynchrony, channel abnormal closure problems have been resolved.
  4. On the basis of completing the contract function description, new description and process description of contract function have been added. Including: Open Channel Scenario/Process Description, Channel Settlement Scenario/Process Description, Update Balance Scenario/Process Description, Unlock Channel Scenario/Process Description.

SmartMesh APP

The APP team has made all the necessary final preparations before the mapping. This included conducting several tests including SmartMesh APP’s official wallet mapping capabilities.

After confirming that the tests were successful, the APP team released the new 2.1.0 version of the APP. In this new version, not only were some small tweaks made, but also some special effects have been added.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Mapping function development, testing completed, SmartMesh APP 2.1.0 version on-line.
  2. Mapping UI and the required interface have been completed.
  3. Optimized message service, allocated memory reasonably, enhanced user experience.
  4. Modified the delete logic of wallet and enhanced user experience.
  5. WebView adaptively adjusted to better display H5 pages.
  6. Added some small animations to make the page more vivid.

Market Action

Mapping work involves not only the technical team but also the marketing team. In order to achieve a successful and smooth operation, the marketing team has been engaged in a series related tasks including exchange docking, announcement preparation, and course editing since last week. This week, the marketing team’s mapping preparations have been completed, and the subsequent mappings will be pushed forward.

The specific details are as follows:

  1. Discussed with the technical team to simplify the steps of the official wallet mapping. At present, only a few steps are needed to complete the official wallet mapping.
  2. Improved the mapping tutorial according to the actual test results of the APP team, giving users a more detailed guide for official wallet mapping. Also, in order to present the mapping tutorial in more detail, the marketing team will publish it in both graphics and text. This guide will assist official wallet users to complete self-managed mapping.
  3. A variety of public announcements have been designed with information regarding the mapping.
  4. The marketing team knows that everyone is keeping an eye out for announcements from the exchanges. Please keep watching as they will come soon.

That’s all for this week’s edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.  Please stay tuned next time to catch all the latest highlights and updates from the SmartMesh Project.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time.

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