SmartMesh Spectrum Public Chain Main Network Official Launch Notice

Respected SmartMesh community:

The SmartMesh Spectrum public chain main network will launch at 18:00 on April 30th. As the main network goes online, the team will focus on the combination of SmartRaiden and the Spectrum public chain. Any projects on the Spectrum public chain can use SmartRaiden to realize convenient token payments. In accordance with the project development plan, to combine SmartRaiden and the Spectrum public chain, the tech team will focus on developing the Spectrum and SmartRaiden on MeshBox nodes. Mapping work will begin after the completion of the Spectrum and MeshBox integration, and a complete bulletin with detailed mapping explanations will be issued. All current subscribers, including cold and hot wallet and exchange users, do not have to take any action. As of this announcement, the new SmartMesh official website has been launched!

The main network of the Spectrum public chain goes live!

SmartMesh App 2.0 is online, and the first version of the Ozone client is released. All synchronized!

SmartMesh Foundation Singapore time April 29, 2018

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