SMT Token Replacement Announcement

The SMT token has been locked for 72 hours, and the team is well aware that the owners are anxious to resume SMT trading. The team has completed the smart contract replacement and data composite work, and has started issuing new coins today. Although the workload is enormous, you can feel relieved that the team has been working around the clock to restore normalcy. After completing this task, the major exchanges will update all user SMT accounts accordingly one by one, so please pay close attention to the latest exchange announcements. New replacement tokens have been issued and the SMT we hold will be converted into the new currency. The previous version of SMT will be locked and abandoned. Anyone who uses the SmartMesh wallet does not need to take any action, it will automatically replace the contract address; Third-party wallets supporting SMT may use the names “SMT2” and “SMT11” or other names. If such problems arise, the holder need not worry as the team will negotiate to change the name of the token. Please follow the official announcements of SmartMesh and thank you for your consistent support and trust.

SmartMesh Foundation Pte. Ltd. April 28, 2018

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