SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.03.26 – 2018.03.30)

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.03.26 – 2018.03.30)

Greetings SmartMesh Community!  As March rolls to a close, the SmartMesh Team is keeping up a rapid pace of development and breaking new ground with the public chain, Mobile Raiden, SmartMesh app, and all areas of business and marketing.  So without further ado, here’s the latest highlights and updates:

Technical Directions

Public Chain

First off, we would like to announce that the “SM Public Chain” will be taking on a new name as soon as it gets out of the testing stage.  Once the chain is published and made official it will go by the name “Spectrum”.

The name Spectrum refers to the pattern that chromatic lights are arranged in by order of wavelength or frequency after dispersion though a prism.  But it can also indicate an expansive range of elements.  We believe this name is highly suitable for this agile technology and are excited about the new designation.

The team hopes that the public chain Spectrum will gradually put into play its many advantages in the fields of architecture, technology, practical applications and otherwise, and become a best-of-class public chain that truly meets the needs of people by attracting a multitude of technologies and projects into its ecosystem. The team is also convinced that the Spectrum chain will have the capacity to create more value for the blockchain industry as a whole and society at large.

As for the public chain team, they have made further R&D breakthroughs allowing them to exceed the benchmarks of the original plan. The team has also adjusted the return value of the Transactions execution to be compatible with the SDK of Web3 and the propagation of abnormal transactions in the network has now been solved in the test environment.

Finally, the public chain team along with a number of cooperating projects launched a technical discussion, analyzed the operation of the public chain test network and related equipment, and put forward a further reaching optimization scheme. The integration plan for Mobile Raiden and the public chain has been put on the agenda as the link between the two technologies becomes more and more intertwined, and we will be publishing more updates on this as developments occur.

Mobile Raiden

The most important development has been ramping up with the public chain team. As the two counterparts came together, team members exchanged views on how to merge the two technologies in detail. The next step for implementing combined testing schemes has been preliminarily formed and will be put into action when ready. The Mobile Raiden team hopes that the Mobile Raiden technology can be put into action synchronously with the rolling out of the Spectrum chain online.

The Mobile Raiden team has also made improvements to their technology as follows:

  1. A bug resulting during certain close/settle channel instances has been resolved.
  2. The trading participant now automatically removes expired hashlocks and relieves unnecessary token locks.
  3. Developed an attack test tool that can bypass Mobile Raiden and provide password to Withdraw Token directly through other methods to prepare for the next security test.
  4. Added no-network parameters to Mobile Raiden, so that Mobile Raiden does not interact with any other node, but you can modify the channel state on the chain to provide service for the attack test.
  5. Solved a potential threat where intermediate node tokens could be stolen.

SmartMesh APP

This week, the APP team adjusted the wallet structure so that it will sync well with the Spectrum chain, modified the wallet transaction database, and carried out stress tests for the APP and server. All of this will ensure smooth operations for these technologies now and in the future.

The iOS APP has been updated to version 1.0.5. The abnormal behavior and crashes of previous versions have been solved.

Market Action

International Developments

The SmartMesh ecosystem is developing at an unexpected and amazing pace and American project partners came to visit the SmartMesh Team this week. This collaboration is vital in moving forward as varying perspectives and areas of expertise were shared and put to best use.

Also, Global Engineering Vice President Kraken Yu, Project Consultant Peter Yan and Project Founder Henry Wang had a marathon 6-hour discussion on the future development of the SmartMesh project while the Chongqing Mobile Raiden Team also participated in the exchange.

The international community team has also added Korean to the pool of languages that SmartMesh is being promoted in, so that more and more people will understand our technology as blockchain spreads throughout the world’s cyber-engineering topography.

China Developments

On March 25th, Blockchain Ambassador Lee Wilson delivered a speech at the 2018 Blockchain Innovation Summit and spoke on how he has chosen SmartMesh to be the innovative network of the future.

On March 26th, the Chinese community team officially launched a talent recruitment initiative, and registration was very strong. The first phase of people have already been recruited, and we’re now moving into the second phase.

On March 29th, the Chinese community team carried out the first public online training for the general public. More than 1100 people took part and exchanged with a SmartMesh technical representative to understand the SmartMesh protocol, technology, principles and many other aspects of the ecosystem.  The training also leverages the red-hot “DaKa” Chinese platform to enhance the training.

Activity Preview:

The organizers of the “Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference” have delayed the event for a week to the 17th of April in Singapore. At that time, SmartMesh will attend the conference.

Concluding Remarks:

This time around we would like to feature Hades, our Chief Technology Officer, to answer some questions people asked during the recent training.

Q:  When does the Spectrum public chain go online?

A:         It is currently being tested on the Testnet network, and the main network is expected to be online in April, but we can’t predict exactly what the R & D process will meet with, so stay tuned for special announcements and updates.

Q:  How to establish transmission distances in the early stages of network deployment?

A: In addition to direct connections between mobile devices, the SmartMesh ecosystem range can have expanded coverage by deploying MeshBox hardware to enhance routing and signal strength.

Q: Is Mobile Raiden the Raiden Network adapted for mobile phones?

A: Yes. Catering to the fact that mobile phones may not always be online, we have made an improvement on Raiden, using ICE to do NAT penetration, and implemented a third-party design to avoid having payment channels shut down just because a user is offline. [Namely, the Mobile Raiden technologically facilitates offline cryptocurrency transactions between users]

Q: Can transaction information be faked by the channel when the channel is closed?

A: An outdated signature can be submitted, but the channel is not immediately closed and the other party can submit an updated signature during this time period. The contract will be based on latest credentials and then tokens will be allocated accordingly, and there is a penalty mechanism for providing false information.

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