Weekly Update Mar. 23, 2018

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.03.19 – 2018.03.23)

Greetings SmartMesh Community!  We’re glad to report that things are moving along rapidly and our project is ahead of schedule. Our SM Public Chain, SmartMesh App, and Mobile Raiden and Lightning Network projects are all advancing efficiently, and it’s been very rewarding for all our team members to see their hard work pay off.

Recently we have been gaining more and more followers, and as Spring turns the corner, we are determined to appeal to the masses!  It’s time to let people understand the true value of SmartMesh.

As usual the SmartMesh Team has been pounding away at the office keyboards, rallying the cause and creating the very cutting edge of networking technology.  Warmer weather is arriving and its kicking us into even higher gear.

Without further ado, here are this week’s latest updates:

Technical direction

Public Chain

Now that we have got the community’s attention with the successful SMChain chain network test, many have expressed their hopes and enthusiasm for the speedy implementation of the main chain.

SmartMesh is the basic protocol of the next generation of value Internet. It is the equivalent of a tokenized “TCP/IP” protocol for the next generation of networks. The SMChain public chain will be entrusted with supporting the entire SmartMesh ecosystem. Therefore, from the date of its inception, it will be carefully minded by the SM public chain team. This week, the team worked overtime to upgrade to the beta version on the test network as quickly as possible. So far, the new version of the public chain test network is running very smoothly.

The upgraded SMChain test network will have the following four main changes:

  1. Adding validation of Block legitimacy before Blocks propagate information to the network.
  2. Modified the malicious node discrimination condition in the alpha version. If a malicious node is found, the normal node that is connected to it will immediately disconnect automatically and isolate the malicious node.

3) Corrected the processing of ABI interface parameters to ensure compatibility with the Ethernet web3.js standard.

4) Deployment and execution of intelligent contracts are being tested.

The blockchain browsers mentioned in last week’s weekly report, have been successfully developed.

Blockchain browsers can browse and query detailed information about blocks, transactions, and addresses of an arbitrary SmartMesh ecological SMChain chain, which is currently in sync testing with the public chain. You can get a detailed understanding of SMChain Testnet through the website: https://chain.smartmesh.io, the public chain team welcomes new community users, and all the valuable feedback they can provide.

Mobile Raiden

This week, the Mobile Raiden Team has achieved a number of strong results, the most striking of which is to prepare for the migration of Mobile Raiden technology to the SMChain. If the task is successful, the functionality will be attached and deployed into service.

The implementation of P2P communication based on the ICE framework made up another key part of the Mobile Raiden Team’s work this week. At present, the team has implemented the go package of pjnath, which is tested on windows/i386, Linux, and Mac. At the same time, the signaling server suitable for the Mobile Raiden node has also been improved, which ensures the widespread distribution of Mobile Raiden worldwide. The work of integrating ICE to Mobile Raiden has also been completed. As a flexible switching mode, it can help Mobile Raiden’s.

The Mobile Raiden team also repaired two small bugs, which occasionally triggered the wrong reaction at the end of token exchanges, and when the user specified settlement time is too short, it will cause the bug to deny the node from completing any transactions directly.

SmartMesh APP

This week, the APP team continued to optimize the stability of the SmartMesh app. The problem of message loss caused by the failure of users to log on to chat messages and servers has been effectively solved. The APP team also optimized the overall software performance and the APP is now better fit for iOS 11 and iPhone X.

Also the adjustment of the overall wallet functionality with the public chain and the page reversion has been completed, and it is believed that this will bring a fresher and more efficient user experience with it.

Market direction

International community trends

This week, the international community operation team increased the publicity of the SmartMesh project. Besides the routinely published English and Chinese publicity articles in over 100 media outlets, new Korean language articles have also been released. It is not difficult to see that the SmartMesh international community operating team is growing steadily and are about to hit their prime.  We believe this multilingual approach to marketing will spread the word about SmartMesh far and wide and lead to long-term success and stability.

China Market

This week, the Chinese community operating team focused on activity planning and has established new rules and guidelines and is preparing to get many more participants involved in the near future.

For those not familiar with the iOS system, the Chinese community operation team has edited the downloadable version of SmartMesh iOS app. If you have difficulties in downloading, please check the official website:  https://smartmesh.io

Mar 23, 2018

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