SMChain Public Chain Testnet is Upgrading to Beta Version

Greetings SmartMesh friends and supporters!

As stated in the previous weekly report, there are multiple phases to go through before the official launch of the SMChain Mainnet,

namely alpha(0.0.x), beta(0.1.x), release(0.1.x) and stable (1.0. X).

Now, we are pleased to announce that the SMChain testnet will be upgraded to beta(0.1.x) version at 18:00 on March 21, 2018.

This upgrading involves code modifications based on the alpha version of the SMchain testnet.  As a result, it will bring about two major changes to the SMChain testnet:

  1. Add Block legitimacy validation before Blocks transfer information to the network;

  2.To neutralize malicious nodes detected in the alpha version of testnet. If a malicious node is now detected, the normal node connected to it automatically disconnects and isolates the malicious node.




Obviously, Beta (0.0.x) version is more stable and secure than the alpha(0.0.x) version, it’s getting  closer to the official launch of mainnet.

It’s the sweat of the public chain project members that can make the version upgrade possible in such a short period. It’s a common thing for them to write code at two o’clock in the morning, their overtime working contributes to the fast version upgrade in one week.

We fully understand that Smart Mesh’s supporters are looking forward to the realization of SMChain mainnet, which is our pursuing goal as well. It is SmartMesh team’s greatest wish to maximize the value of SmartMesh ecosystem and we won’t stop striving until we reach the goal.

The open source GitHub address of SMChain public chain is:

*The timeline mentioned above is Singapore time.

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